lifecoach $75 USD Soraya Roberts Soraya Roberts I am an Energy Healer and Spiritual coach, working with a very simple method called Emotion Code.
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Soraya Roberts

LONDON, England, United Kingdom
I am an Energy Healer and Spiritual coach, working with a very simple method called Emotion Code.

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About me

My life fits into a book full of adventure, or for the people who have been privy to my story would say, Soraya, you should write a book. One day I will, I guess. Everyone has a story, whether it be a good one or a bad one, it's a story, your story. Everyone wants to get rid of trauma, to be happier, to have a more joyful life, to be more abundant, to feel freer about themselves, to find themselves, to have a purpose, to forgive themselves, to discover themselves...the list goes on and on.

My life forced me to look at myself, and what fascinated me about me was the why I continued to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result; I do believe that is a sign of madness, so I have been told. So my quest was to discover who I was, what I liked, what I loved, what I feared, what I had compassion about. That quest leads me from adventure to adventure, exploring me was some journey.

My greatest help, mentor, confidant was my creator, to be honest when I discovered my spiritual connection, boy! did I ever use it! This connection has turned my life into a journey of joy, absolute abandonment, love, acceptance, freedom, health and finance. I have truly been blessed with a new life.

I am a home girl, down to earth comfort all the way type of person. However, my gift is the ability to hear in the spirit, shift negative energy, see your truth, motivate and encourage, hold you accountable, speak the truth always and work on major breakthroughs. I use mindful approach techniques, CBT and Kinesiology to support my gifts. I am a certified life coach and a certified emotion code practitioner.

I hope that I have given you enough insight and look forward to working with you.

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Fees: from $25 USD to $75 USD


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