lifecoach $150 USD Anfi Rey Anfi Rey Let's get rid of the "Road Blocks" of your success! Guidance and Support Through Out Your Journey.
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Anfi Rey

M.S. Counseling Psychology 
Miami, Florida, United States
Let's get rid of the "Road Blocks" of your success! Guidance and Support Through Out Your Journey.
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About me

With the deep understanding of various underlined issues that contribute to struggles, I approach Coaching from the evidence-based angle of resolving my Client's issues and drawbacks. I am trained to help my clients with multiple presenting problems: conflict resolution, anxiety relief, depression struggles, anger-management solutions, ADHD treatment, relationship help, family systems approach, positive parenting. I worked with Adults and Adolescents, as well as children. My Master's degree in Professional Counseling Psychology and required clinical experienced allowed me to come across and encounter a vast variety of struggles that people often experience in their lives. I have a clinical experience in treating individuals, couples, and families, providing my clients with support through grief, demise of a union, I helped families to find an equilibrium, I guide my Clients through their career search, help them uncover what stops them from finding their life partner, I teach communication skills, fair fighting techniques. I find it very rewarding to help my Clients find balance and reach their full potential. I guide and support my Clients through times when they need a mentor, times when they need support, compassion, empathy and of course I guarantee a complete confidentiality and privacy.

Coaching with me

Depending on the Client's goal, I develop a treatment plan that suits my Clients needs. I helped many clients who were struggling with multiple issues, i.e.stress, anxiety, poor communication with a spouse. In that case, I would address and uncover the underlined issue that causes anxiety, use a Cognitive Behavioral approach to it, therefore stress levels would be lowered, and then healthy communication skills can be taught, possibly involving a spouse to learn how to better communicate with each other.
Again, depends on the need, I would often use CBT techniques, I am also solution-focused and I am very familiar with the variety of evidence-based therapy techniques that I apply according to each individual case. I apply no judgemental approach to coaching, I also do not question anyone's values. I am quite aware of cultural differences and always take that aspect into a consideration.


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Depending on the need of a Client I always try to set a time that we will need to achieve Client's goal. My sessions are 1 hour long, in my office, at your home (Miami locals), and/or phone sessions. Packages available based on Client's needs and goals.
Online coaching is available, Tele-Coaching available
Ongoing training
In some instances the ongoing support or coaching is beneficial. The client always decides if he/she needs me on the ongoing basis, sometimes it's a "maintanance" type of coaching.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • M.S. Professional Counseling Psychology
  • B.S. Psychology
  • CBT, DBT, Coaching Techniques Trainings
  • ADHD Treatment Training
  • Motivational Interview Training
  • Gotman Institute Relationship therapy training
Clinical experience in the mental heath field, as a clinician therapist. I believe in a need of a self-growth, and I work on myself every day. I grow and evolve is a better version of myself. I find it rewarding to see how I can help others and that is what I am passionate about -- helping people to achieve their goals.

I am a mother, dog lover, I love design and architecture.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $150 USD

$100: 1 hour Office Visit, Online Coaching, Phone Coaching
$150: 1 hour of Client's home or Office session


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