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What is an Accountability coach?

An accountability coach guides you to help you complete short-term actions toward reaching your long-term goals. The coach holds you responsible for all the tasks you finish and those you don’t. In cases where you don’t complete tasks, your accountability coach analyzes the obstacles, sets a different line of action, and encourages you back on the journey to your goals.

What does an Accountability coach do?

Life sometimes gets hectic, and we become stressed or discouraged to continue toward our goals. At this point is where an accountability coach comes in. An accountability coach holds you responsible for all you do - or do not do - so you are more intentional in ticking off all the boxes on your plan for the desired result. 

An accountability coach will work with you to:

  1. Set SMART goals or priorities you can attain.
  2. Draw up a personalized plan on how to achieve those goals.
  3. Identify mindset and personality blocks causing resistance to change.
  4. Check in periodically, as agreed, to ensure you remain on track and focused.
  5. Motivate you and push a lot of positive vibes your way to encourage you to carry on.
  6. Provide candid feedback periodically, as agreed.

Accountability coaching is about helping clients understand what triggers the lack of focus or procrastination, shift their mindset, and modify their behavior to leave the never-finishing-anything syndrome in the past finally. 

Do I need an Accountability coach?

There is a common perception that only lazy people need coaching on accountability, but the reverse is the case. I doubt I could be coached if I was lazy and couldn't complete the tasks agreed with my coach. Coaching is only effective when clients put in the required effort.

There is another common notion that only people who have missed the mark need accountability coaching. It is important to note, however, that you can hire an accountability coach even before you get to the point where you're stressed, confused, or overwhelmed with your tasks or assignments. High performers and executives often seek an accountability coach to avert overwhelm and stress rather than have one to bring them out of it. They relish accountability so work with accountability coaches to perform even better and achieve higher goals. 

Examples of standard situations where I may need an accountability coach are:

  • I started on a weight loss journey. I started strong, but as time passed, I gradually lost motivation and, soon enough, gave up on my weight loss journey.   
  • After another hectic day at the office, all I can think of is getting home and putting up my feet with a glass of wine to wash off all the headaches of that day. Then, I postpone the tasks I set to build a side business, again, until another day. 

Humans are wired to perform better when held accountable to another person. With professional accountability, people show up every day to follow through with their plans. 

However, with the plethora of opportunities technology and the internet provide, it has become increasingly difficult for people to remain focused and reach their goals.  To avoid this difficulty, you should enlist the service of an accountability coach.

Some people argue that you don’t need to spend money to learn how to become more accountable. You could go on the journey yourself or get a friend or co-worker to be an accountability “partner”, which is a cheaper alternative and achieves the same results. However, they fail to mention the downsides to having accountability partners. These downsides that could do more harm than good to your self-development. 

A friend or co-worker may not be as firm in holding you responsible for your actions. You may also not feel comfortable enough to reveal certain details about yourself to friends or colleagues, and this could jeopardize the outcome of the coaching process.


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  • Coach Jorge Benito United States $150 - $200 USD Contact me

    Jorge Benito

    Free Call!
    ACC: International Coach Federation

    I assist Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Executives in thriving through role transitions and challenges.

  • Coach Debbie Morrison United States $75 - $100 USD Contact me

    Debbie Morrison

    Free Call!

    Holistic life coach for women navigating life change, personal growth, and goal achievement.

  • Coach Nick Baker United States $100 - $1200 USD Contact me

    Nick Baker

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    Olympic coach w/50 years experience

    I'm an Olympic coach with a 50-year career of creating winners. Find your Inner Winner with me!

  • Coach Michael Davis United States $45 - $50 USD Contact me

    Michael Davis

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach

    I am a follower of Jesus, a husband, and a father.

  • crystal rose

    Free Call!
    Certified life coach and NLP

    Crystal Rose is a successful author, healthcare professional, and certified life coach.

  • Coach Cassonia Glass United States $150 - $600 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Cassonia Glass

    Free Call!

    A Transformative Thinking Life Coach

  • Coach Rhonda Simmons Coaching hours icon 63 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $250 - $350 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Rhonda Simmons

    Free Call!
    Master Certified Professional Coach

    I help women break barriers so that they can experience positive change and self-empowerment.

  • Coach Yesha Mistry United States $50 - $150 USD Contact me

    Yesha Mistry

    Free Call!
    I am a financial and Life coach

    I am Financial and Life coach, helping people creating more meaningful and insightful life.

  • Coach Aldreama Harper Coaching hours icon 32 hrs United States $97 - $5000 USD Contact me

    Aldreama Harper

    Free Call!
    Life Coaching Certificate

    Business Organizing Strategist, Podcast Coach

  • Coach Maria Govinda Ivashchenko Ukraine $260 - $350 USD Contact me

    Maria Govinda Ivashchenko

    Free Call!

    With me as your coach you will become X2 productive and satisfied by aligning essential steps toward

  • Coach Rebecca Whitten United States $75 - $2500 USD Contact me

    Rebecca Whitten

    Free Call!
    Compassion Focused Life Coach, B.A

    Empathetic coach, ready to unlock your potential.

  • Coach Angela Hopkins United States $25 - $75 USD Contact me

    Angela Hopkins

    Free Call!

    Professional Christian Life Coach

  • Coach Calizza Farrell United States $100 - $1063 USD Contact me

    Calizza Farrell

    Free Call!

    Empowering coach igniting growth.

  • Coach Cekita Chambers United States $25 - $1000 USD Contact me

    Cekita Chambers

    Free Call!
    Career and Business Expert

    NLP certified Master Life Coach

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How can an Accountability coach help me?

As I mentioned earlier, today’s hustle and bustle leads many into an accountability crisis. An accountability coach is the ultimate performance booster and can assist you in getting out of an accountability crisis or avoiding one altogether. Recent studies have shown that the probability of people completing their goals is as high as 95% when they are held accountable for their actions compared to only 25% when they are not held responsible for reaching their goals.

According to the study, there is a 40% probability of completing the assignment if there is a deadline. This probability increases to 50% when you plan how you will complete the project and up to 65% if you commit to another person that you will achieve it. 

What does a session with an Accountability coach look like?

An initial session with a professional accountability coach sees you and the coach enumerating your goals or priorities and finding out the obstacles preventing you from reaching those goals. 

Subsequent sessions, which may be weekly, or as agreed, will involve narrating your activities surrounding those goals and efforts to meet the targets you and the coach set. During your sessions, you also indicate the tasks you could not complete and explain why you could not.

Your accountability coach then analyzes the information and reassigns new dates for completion or adjusts the tasks if they seem unattainable under the current circumstances. 

In both cases, your coach pinpoints distractions that could make sustaining motivation difficult and guides you to make the necessary changes, so you become a more accountable and productive performer. Accountability and productivity result in more brilliant work and quicker results.

“Accountability separates the wishers in life from the action-takers that care enough about their future to account for their daily actions.” John Di Lemme 

Accountability coaching quote John Di Lemme

How Much Does an Accountability Coach Cost?

The coach’s experience and skills determine the cost of coaching. Compared to an accountability partner, an accountability coach may cost anything from free of charge to several hundred dollars each month. There are also personalized coaching packages for extended periods of time and can cost several thousand dollars.

Hundreds or thousands of dollars may sound ludicrous to some. Still, the benefit of reaching goals that will bring far more value to your life is astronomically higher than the amount of money you would shell out for an accountability coach.

Here at Life Coach Hub, a session with an accountability coach can cost as little as zero, with coaches offering complimentary sessions. The cost of personalized programs vary because it depends on the depth and frequency of your need. Group packages naturally cost less but deliver equally effective results.

The choice is yours.


Five great reasons to hire an Accountability coach

1. Improve Performance

Studies have shown that we perform better when we are being observed. Having a professional accountability coach pushes you to evaluate your actions to keep meeting your short-term targets and this, in turn, improves performance. For those already hitting their goals, an accountability coach will help them to reach higher goals.

2. Gain Clarity 

During each session with your accountability coach, you get to set priorities with measurable results. Then, by putting these short-term priorities into manageable steps, it becomes easier to create a clear plan to follow, which naturally keeps you focused on taking action.

3. Learn To Be Self-Sufficient

Although research has shown that people perform better at their tasks when under observation, it doesn’t mean you’ll need an accountability coach for the rest of your life to perform well consistently. With your accountability coach, you learn how to be self-sufficient by adopting the right behaviors.

4. Eliminate Self-Sabotage

As you work with an accountability coach, you shed self-sabotage, become more confident, and enjoy the results of your efforts, which positively reinforces completing your assignments as and when due to reach your long-term goals. You get rid of negative thoughts responsible for self-sabotage and embrace positive thoughts which inspire positive action.

5. Overcome Procrastination

Your coach works with you to identify the roadblocks causing procrastination  and provides you with a process for overcoming it. Frequent meetings ensure you are held responsible for meeting your targets and do not procrastinate 

These are five solid reasons to invest in yourself by hiring an accountability coach. The gains are invaluable and will stay with you for a long time after your coaching sessions may have ended. Continuous application of lessons you have learned will keep the gains with you indefinitely.

Great reasons you need an accountability coach on your side

Questions An Accountability Coach Might Ask You

An accountability coach guiding you to the transformation you dream of will ask simple as well as thought-provoking questions during coaching sessions to unravel as many layers as possible so you can arrive at a clear path for action. Some questions may seem simple, while others would be deep coaching questions.

  • What are your long-term goals?
  • With what exactly do you need help?
  • Why is reaching these goals important to you?
  • What steps have you taken so far to achieve these goals?
  • What could you do differently?
  • How would you like to be held accountable?
  • What does finally reaching your long-term goals look like to you?
  • Why do you think you’ve not been able to accomplish your goals so far?

As sessions take place, your coach may ask questions such as the following:

  • What were your priorities last week?
  • Did you accomplish them? If not, why not?
  • Do you need help completing these assignments?
  • What was the highlight of your week?
  • Can you rate last week on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being ah-mazing?
  • What are your priorities for this week?
  • When can you work to complete your tasks? Days, Time?
  • What tools and resources do you require to complete all the tasks toward meeting your goals?
  • How would I know you've completed your tasks?
  • If you don’t finish your tasks as agreed, how would you like us to tackle that?
  • What could make you not finish your tasks?
  • How long would you say it would take to complete all the tasks?

“Questions can be like a lever you use to pry open the stuck lid on a paint can. If we have a short lever, we can only just crack open that lid. But if we have a longer lever, or a more dynamic question, we can pry off the lid and really stir things up. If the right question is applied and it digs deep enough, then we can stir up all the creative solutions.” Fran Peavey

Questions can be like a lever. Coaching quote

Types of Accountability Coaches

1. Accountability Life Coach

If you need general support with being more accountable in various aspects of your life, you would need an accountability life coach. The coach will teach you how to validate yourself and take meaningful action toward getting sustainable positive results in different areas of your life. 

2. Personal accountability coach

Although a personal accountability coach works with clients the same way a general accountability coach does, the difference with a personal accountability coach is that the coach is your own personal coach who guides you to be accountable to yourself and for yourself.

3. Mindset and accountability coach

A mindset and accountability coach pushes you to break down limiting thoughts and beliefs. You will confront difficult and sometimes painful emotions and sensations to learn how to build your emotional resilience and increase your mental strength.

You will also shed the victim mentality and adopt a “thriver” mentality which will subsequently increase productivity and performance. Self-sabotage and self-shaming become a thing of the past when you work with the right mindset and accountability coach.

4. Writing accountability coach

A writing accountability coach guides writers to eliminate the overwhelm plaguing many writers and leading to missed deadlines. Writing accountability coaches also work with writers confused by the opportunities to take to stand out and those struggling to find the time to polish their craft.

Your writing accountability coach will help you clearly articulate your writing goals and work with you to implement the steps to achieve them. So if you’re a writer dealing with writer’s block,  grappling with how to stand out, or unable to finish that book, get yourself an accountability coach for writers.

5. Nutrition accountability coach

Many of us are familiar with the struggle to maintain a healthy weight and have a balanced lifestyle. A nutrition accountability coach works with clients to make healthy lifestyle changes so they remain on track and see lasting results in their weight and general well-being.

Some people get busy and need help to remain consistent with workout programs. Others are on diet plans and need help with their eating. A nutrition accountability coach will create a personalized program to assist you in reaching your goals.

Now what? How to find an accountability coach near me

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