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Rebecca Whitten

Compassion Focused Life Coach 
Chicopee, Massachusetts, United States
Compassion-focused, solution-focused life coach, blending empathy and positivity to guide individ

FEES from $50 USD to $500 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am a dedicated Compassion-Focused Life Coach with a deep understanding of the human mind. I am passionate about helping individuals overcome challenges and unlock their full potential. I have a B. A in Child Psychology, and am currently pursuing my Master’s in Couples and Family Therapy. In addition, I have received training in Compassion-Focused therapy from The Compassionate Mind Institute.


My goal as your coach is to help you talk and treat yourself with self-compassion. Giving you the space needed to be you and feel safe.

Coaching with me



How I Can Support You, Including Neurodiversity:

Self-Compassion Mastery: Together, we'll explore the art of self-compassion, allowing you to quiet that inner critic and warmly embrace self-kindness, a vital aspect of honoring your unique neurodiversity.

Stress Management: I'll share effective techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, nurturing a lasting sense of calm and balance, and adapting them to suit your neurodiverse strengths.

Building Resilience: We'll navigate life's challenges, uncovering the inner strength that enables you to bounce back even stronger from setbacks, and recognizing that your neurodiversity is a beautiful part of your resilience.

Improving Relationships: Let's work on enhancing your communication, empathy, and conflict resolution skills, paving the way for healthier connections with loved ones and colleagues while understanding and embracing neurodiversity's role in your unique relationships.

Goal Achievement: With my compassionate support and guidance, you'll confidently define and pursue your life goals, tailored to your neurodiverse talents and aspirations.

Personal Growth: Embark on a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and personal development, living a life that's more authentically yours, more fulfilling, and more beautifully neurodiverse than ever before.


My coaching style is a unique blend of compassion-focused and solution-focused approaches. I create a supportive, empathetic environment while actively helping clients find practical solutions to their challenges.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I offer private coaching sessions to create a personalized plan for you. Multiple sessions are required. As in the first sessions, you are teaching me who you are and where you feel you are struggling.  From there we identify what is holding you back the most. Then together we create a plan that works well for you.

This could include accountability calls/texts

Tracking steps

Developing new coping skills

Building Communication Skills

Building up your Self Compassion etc...


I offer free generalized online coaching sessions. Which will become accessible through our soon to be Discord Community.

Short courses or group coaching

I will soon be offering courses on developing self-compassion.

I will soon be offering group coaching sessions.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • B.A Child Psychology
  • Currently in Masters Program for Couples and Family Therapy
  • Training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Current Couples and Family Therapy Master's Student
  • CEU's Compassion Focused Therapy
  • Training in Solution Focused Therapy

I want to open up and share my journey with you, not as an expert, but as someone who's been on a transformative path guided by self-compassion. This journey has given me a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges my clients face.

From a young age, I felt a calling to help others but struggled with assisting them while neglecting my well-being. Life was marked by challenges that took a toll on my mental health, leaving me questioning society's norms.

During my B.A. program, I delved into compassion-focused therapy, igniting my interest in self- compassion's transformative potential. It set the stage for my journey. Being kinder to myself was crucial for my growth and well-being, both professionally and personally.

My teenage son's Autism diagnosis prompted me to rethink what I considered 'normal.' I saw my own experiences in a new light, deepening my commitment to self-compassion. I realized my difficulties weren't failures but aspects of myself I was born with.

Armed with this understanding and fueled by self-compassion, I confront life's challenges with resilience and self-acceptance. It's a lifelong journey, but it's worth it. My story shows the possibilities within, and I'm here to help clients discover their paths to self-acceptance and growth.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $500 USD

My fee structure runs on a sliding scale.


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