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What is an EFT coach?

An EFT coach is trained in energy field tapping, also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique. The principle is based on the network of meridian energy lines in your body. Similar to acupressure, EFT uses taps on the body to stimulate energy movement. This relieves negative energy stuck within you physically. Stress, grief, anger, shame, anxiety and many more difficulties can be instantly addressed by an EFT coach.

What does an EFT coach do?

After you and your coach identify sources of negativity, the EFT coach pinpoints where you should tap on the body. The tapping techniques are easy to learn. So even if you're talking on the phone you can still achieve great results. With guidance from your coach you'll soon gain a valuable tool that connects you with positive forces. The tapping sends vibrations into your neuro pathways that begin to heal damage left by negativity.

Do I need an EFT coach?

You can feel your problems inside. The thoughts holding back have physical counterparts. If you can't make a breakthrough on your own and the stress is getting worse, then an EFT coach can help you. An EFT coach offers you a safe and fast solution for physical relief and emotional clarity. You can literally learn to tap into your full potential with a coach.


EFT coaches

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  • Coach Laura Danilov United States   Contact me

    Laura Danilov

    Free Call!

    Life Coach- supports Artists & Moms Making a Difference in living amazing lives thru coaching & EFT

  • Coach Caitlin Oliver Canada $80 - $990 USD Contact me

    Caitlin Oliver

    Free Call!
    Fibromyalgia Coach & EFT

    I support individuals living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic illness in rediscovering joy!

  • Coach Noha Radwan Egypt $75 - $150 USD Contact me

    Noha Radwan

    Free Call!
    Professional Coach & HR, MBA

    A passionate coach who thrives on supporting her clients in tapping into their potential.

  • Coach Muna Jawhary United Kingdom $120 - $250 USD Contact me

    Muna Jawhary

    Free Call!
    Women Empowerment Coach (PhD)

    I empower women to be their true Self, find out what their life purpose is, and how to fulfil it.

  • Coach A Maillet Canada   Contact me

    A Maillet

    Free Call!
    PhD, NLP, EFT

    Advanced bio-feedback (Biopulsar), hypnosis / hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and life coaching services.

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How can an EFT coach help me?

An EFT coach helps you make progress instead of staying stuck. With coaching you loosen the grip of bad experiences and negative thoughts. Your coach gives you an easy-to-follow action plan that produces immediate relief.

An EFT coach is also more than someone who teaches you where to tap. Your coach acts as a non-judging partner who listens to your problems. And then your coach helps you find the best solutions.

The coaching process always leaves room for adjustment too. As you release one form of negative energy you might discover another issue. Then your coach can recommend new issues to tap on

The network of meridian lines in your body has been known for thousands of years. Your body is linked to your emotions. Bad experiences and self-defeating thoughts can build up inside you. This blocks your inner power to follow your dreams and feel happy. An EFT coach gives you a powerful method for living a joyful life.


Five great reasons to hire an EFT coach

Many people report rapid results and feel energy moving in their bodies for hours.
EFT gives you an easy and concrete action to take when you feel your body blocking your mind and spirit. It is quick and always there for you.
An EFT coach helps you achieve greater awareness of your mind, body and spirit. These elements of your humanity are linked. Learning to care for them as a whole is vital to enjoying a fulfilling life.
Your health will improve with EFT. When you're able to release the pressures building in your body, you gain physical wellbeing.
An EFT coach offers fast and gentle solutions to the problems you want to fix.

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