Happiness goals countdown 2016

Increasing the world’s happiness quotient

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This year, set goals that will increase
your Happiness quotient... and the world’s

Why a Happiness Goals Countdown?

Goals and Happiness Are a Perfect Match

The act of going after a goal is strongly linked to greater happiness. And the start of a new year the perfect time to discover this yourself.

That’s why we started the Happiness Goals Countdown. Join us as we share the research about goals and happiness. Subscribe to get a happiness goal delivered to your mailbox every week, for a total of ten happy goals you can add to your list!

Did you know not all goals are created equal? Some types of goals make you feel better than others. In this article series, you’ll learn how well-defined goals give you purpose, focus, optimism, and better relationships.

We're on a mission to raise the world’s happiness level, what we've named the Happiness Quotient. This goal is very realistic. Science has revealed that human biology is designed to share happiness.

How it works

Subscribe, get weekly goals delivered to you, then add them to your "Happiness List" - that's what we're calling a list of goals aimed at improving your overall happiness for the coming year!

The research about goals and happiness we’re about to share will support your success. You’ll be amazed by what you find out. For example, simply having a goal makes you 26 percent more likely to enjoy high self esteem. A happier New Year is within reach.

Subscribe to the Happiness Goals Countdown. Then share this positive message with others and start raising the world's Happiness Quotient. Let's create a Happiness community this year - share this page, and enlist other Happiness Champions to this cause to make the world a better place.

Goals And Happiness A Virtuous Circle