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Adam Mortimer

Mapleton, Utah, United States
Adam is a world class coach that has worked Joe Vitale, Brendon Burchard and Zig Ziglar.
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About me

Adam Mortimer uses the latest technologies to help clients discover and overcome their limiting beliefs so that they can stop unconscious self-sabotage and live the life of their dreams. Adam specializes in two main areas in personal development. He can teach you how to find your limiting beliefs and how to clear your unconscious limiting beliefs. Adam has coached thousands of clients all over the world on the topics of wealth creation and personal development.

Adam has spent the last decade decoding the mysteries of the human mind working with many of the greats in that field of study. He has coached students in every state in the US and many countries all over the world.He has coached for Brendan Burchard, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Nightingale and Conant, The Silva Method, Mind Valley, Learning Strategies and many other leading companies in the field of personal development.

Adam is the creator of the Quantum Meditations program and the author of the bestselling book, The Secrets of As a Man Thinketh. Adam has been referred to as the “Blockbuster” for his ability to identify and eliminate unconscious blocks.

Adam's current project he's been working on is the Fidgi Pen, which is now live on Kickstarter. It's a project he and his team have been working on for a while now and are so excited to share it with the world.

Adam has a wife and twin boys and two daughters. He loves to travel the world. His favorite destination is Hawaii. Adam considers himself fortunate to be able to do what he loves and to help people achieve their dreams.

He has been featured on Inc, ABC news, and GQ Magazine. He has shared the stage with Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

Coaching with me

Since signing, I have acquired $40,000 in contracts payable throughout the next year. I have landed a national sales territory with a $60,000 potential in my start-up year with the potential to double or triple that in years to come.

Jared P

My sales have tripled since I started working with you in the program.
I'm looking forward to the greater things in the coming weeks of the program.
Thank you again for helping me understand my thoughts and my potential!

With Joy,

Kenneth W. Mobley

Hi Adam,

We spend the 45-minute session discussing this belief and doing the cleaning/clearing exercise. By the end of our session, I was laughing, crying, and thanking him for this guidance. For the first time in I can’t say how many years I did not feel as though there was a fist squeezing my heart. I tingled from head to toe. I felt released!!! I have replaced the belief of I am not good enough with I AM GOOD ENOUGH!

My facial muscles were aching and sore when I woke this morning. It took a minute for me to understand why. I was truly smiling…something I haven’t done with feeling in years. My facial muscles didn’t know what to make of that, but I sure did…I smiled more!
Carol H.

Just wanted to let you know we hit $70,000 sales in our first year and things are getting better every day.

Each day I grow a little more- spiritually, mentally, and in my health. We are really making a difference in people's lives. Where this is going is exciting!

Thanks again for all your help!

Dave Limacher

Thanks Adam for reaching out! I hope your holiday season is joyful and rewarding. Surprisingly, I had a 30%+ income increase, way beyond my goals for 2016. It was a great year for family time, having worked less than ever, so all the lessons had a great ROI. Thanks again for the quality coaching and insights!

My entire life, unknowingly, I gave power to my limiting beliefs. I thought my life-long dream of being an author would die with me. Then I started the Authorship Program with Adam Mortimer of Achieve Today.
Working with Adam has been a God-send. I am not the same person I was three months ago. Adam has shown me that belief in myself and my abilities is key. Limiting beliefs are a thing of my past. My name is: Teresa Syms, Author of, ‘A Century of Secrets.’
My transformation is so complete that my next life-long goal of helping others is about to be realized. I will be: Teresa Syms, Personal Development Coach. Thank You Adam Mortimer for your guidance and coaching.
Finally loving life,
Teresa Syms

I am a NLP therapist, former and still. Ten years ago, I had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and of degenerative osteoarthritis in my neck in advance level 3 (at level 4 my neck will not be able to move anymore). The best surgeon can't do a surgery for me, so I can't remove all the blocking by myself, I removed some but not all and I knew that I need help. So, I did many things and I bought many services to reduce the pain and to stop it, some worked a bit and some not. Sometimes I was sad and almost depress because it is really difficult to leave every day with big pain and knowing that it is chronic for the science. The pain took a lot of energy and I was really tired.

So, I took the coaching with you about the pain I had a lot in my body. Since the coaching, the pain is smaller and smaller. We started a process together and it will continue. I am specially surprised because the pain in my neck was suppose to be worst with the age and was suppose to stay for the rest of my life. Now, many days I do not have this pain! You helped me to understand not only with my head but with my heart and with my soul some roots of this terrible pain that I did not imagine. You used techniques who released the some blocking and the energy can move again as a flow inside of me. Knowing these roots and using some techniques you used in the coaching, helped me to continue by myself to increase my well being. A good coach is someone who help us and that we can be dependent of his work because it is so helpful and we can't do what he is doing. A VERY good coach help us and show us how to become autonomous in the management of our life where we need his help and he can explain simple ways to use sophisticated techniques. You did it for me in the domain of the pain because you are a VERY good coach!
I am really grateful,
God bless you,

Eve-Line Belanger

I had a severed relationship with my step-daughter and through ho opono pono I feel that I have been able to assist in her healing. She had resisted my attempts of reconciliation for a number of years but through my daily practice of ho opono pono, she has let go of her unforgiveness and we are now close again. This was a MAJOR MAJOR breakthrough.

My miracle coach Adam Mortimer thought me how to get clear and within two and a half weeks my whole concept about life has changed for good. I even forgot what limiting beliefs I had before.
They don’t control me anymore and I feel free. The only feelings I experience today are an excitement and happiness.
Lana D.

I have overcome my negativity. It feels very light and smooth. I now live in the attitude of gratitude. I thank the divine every morning for a beautiful, happy, satisfying and positive day and THAT is how it goes throughout the day. Am surprised at myself of how I am keeping the positive mood through out the day. It is making a big difference to me. It feels like a miracle. The two big blocks I have overcome is that I am now optimistic. I used to be so negative and I would even struggle with depression. I HAVE OVERCOME THAT!! Even when others are negative I speak only positive. I look to understand others and I talk in such a way that they also start talking positive. That is the main thing that I have overcome. I used to always look at what I did not want. Now the moment unnecessary thoughts creep in, I change my focus to what I want. I no longer feel jealous or inferior and I appreciate other's achievements with all my heart. The tool that helped me the most is Ho opono pono, the attitude of gratitude and the left brain activation.

Pooja Arun

Dear Adam,

If you were in the same room with me right now (instead of 1200 miles
away), I would give you the hugest thank you hug that I have ever given
to anyone! In the brief moments since hanging up the phone with you, I
realized that few people would believe what just transpired during our
coaching call. They would say, 'It can't be that simple.' And I would
reply, 'Ah yes, but it is! All you have to do is be honest with
yourself and trust Adam.'

Elena P

I realized that today is our one year anniversary! Adam, thank you so much for all you have done for me. I look forward to our visits and how much you are stretching me and making me grow.

When you first started working with me I think I was still in a state of shock from my husband's death. It had been less than 6 weeks when we started our sessions. You have been a stabilizing force for me and helped me work through phases of my grief. Probably more layers to unpeel in this area, but I have to tell you that I am way further down the road to figuring out who I am as a single person, even as a person, than I would have been without your help.

Some of the things that I accomplished this year are: going on trips by myself, started my writing, started my blog, started getting out socially (dance lessons), working with a personal trainer and nutritionist, losing almost 20 pounds, started going to a class on spirituality, I have learned countless techniques for emotional and spiritual growth from you. learned how to use the Law of Attraction in my life and my self-esteem has grown.

I know I am leaving out many things that have changed for me this year. I am sure that some changes have been made that I am not fully cognizant of. More changes will come, I am sure.

I just wanted to thank you Adam and let you know how much I appreciate your talent and your genuine caring about me.

I look forward to all our conversations in the future and all the help and guidance that I know you will give me.



I thought that I was happy but I was just pretending so that other people would not see my pain. In my initial interview with Achieve Today coach, he asked
me if I was happy but I was embarrassed to admit that I was not. Before this program I would say I was faking being happy. I can honestly say, I do not FEEL LIKE I AM FAKING ANYTHING NOW. I am now living a life that feels real! I AM HAPPY! … Thanks to Adam my life is completely different. I now see life through I eyes of abundance. I don't see anything the same as I used to.

Every day I wake up with an incredible confidence and excitement for the new day. I show gratitude for every moment that I receive and the relationships that are around me. I'm grateful for the interactions that I have no matter how small or possibly insignificant….
Debbie W

Hello Adam,

After only two coaching sessions with you and a few weeks into the Miracles program I am seeing the shift! The result is an accrued awareness of my inner currants, a quicker detachment from the negative energy stemming from negative thoughts and a reminder that all that I want lies right here within my own power. I’m gradually but surely acquiring the eyes to see!

This is very encouraging, empowering and enthusing! Also, a sense of serenity is gently taking the place of the anxiety/ terror feelings. That is very promising!

Thank you for your guidance and your lights!

Warm regards,

Claudia Ferri :)

Guess what !
That competition I entered , The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards,
Best Shot ?
2% of the photographs submitted ( over 9,000 ! ) were selected to be
published in the '2011 Best Shots' book and ....
And most of these photographers are professionals.

This is just too much !
I could never have done this without you !
So don't tell me, ever again, that you don't have a magic wand ; I
very much suspect you to have 2.

Hear you later,

a very excited

Since our first session, I can truly say that I have already had a 180 degree shift in every area of my life. It is a work in progress but everyday I am learning something new about myself. I have come to so many realizations and have genuinely had many 'aha' moments. It is so freeing to experience these moments. I have learnt so much about myself and the limitations that have held me back from my dreams. Once I started to understand the notion that I already exist as a successful, loving, grateful beautiful woman, my world started to shift literally in front of my eyes.


I have found my mission in life that is the main thing that I got from the program. Before I
did not know. I now know where I am going and I am on my exciting JOURNEY! There are two paths
success and failure and now I know that I want successs. I am going to be a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER!
I now know that! I would HIGHLY recommend this coaching program!
Dennis C

I’m a different person than I was just a couple of months ago and other people are taking notice. I rarely have negative thoughts come up, and when they do, I’m aware and able to dissolve the limiting beliefs behind those thoughts almost instantly. I’m so thankful I found this program and followed the Devine inspiration to take action and join Miracles Coaching. It’s been life changing already and I’m just getting started…. I am no longer suffering and I am completely free! I think that my life
will be different in a way that is different. I am going to look at everything as a learning situation now.
I would recommend this program I would tell people to go for it!...
Thank you, thank you, and thank you!
Dale East

Adam did a powerful meditation taking me back into the womb where everything in life is possible. He asked me to identify where I was holding the pattern of not being able to be successful financially. Not surprisingly it was held in my first chakra where my identity as a female lives. He asked me what color was there and helped me move it out of my body and dissolve it. I felt so clear and had the feeling that everything is effortless. I could see light around people that would want to “play with me” in being hugely successful and abundant and feel that I will easily find them now. I felt as if I was fully in my female body and able to do and be anything! The pattern is GONE! When we started It was a “9.” We took it down to a 1.5, then emptied it out into zero energy. AWESOME!!!

How’s that???

Merry, Merry!

Kate Solisti

Hi Adam

I cleared the FEAR of failure! That was my single biggest barrier and breakthrough, it has given me my confidence back. I feel more self-assured now and I feel happier, life in general is really good. My relationships my wife and my kids is better now I’m happier in myself.

I am now focused on growing my finances as this area is still lacking in my life. I get those flashes of insight again now, I can see myself having my own business again that I could not see before.

Six months to a year for now I see myself working for myself. I will be independent. I will take my kids on a holiday and give my son a car. I can see myself doing it.

Without your help this transformation would not have been possible and I am very grateful to you for your support.



. I now cannot wait to GET OUT OF BED EVERY MORNING is like that NOW! I feel more BOLD I feel so much more EMPOWERED. I am meeting more people and things are happening that are so much more serendipitous and things are just coming together and I am making more confections. I say hello to everyone and networking and saying. I have to say too I had a doubtful moment but as I took those small steps then I was able to get here. Those small steps all added up and it is HUGE I could not wait to speak with you today because it is a different ME….. I AM 180 DEGREES DIFFERENT!!!...
… You have done more for me in the last 5 session than THERAPY EVER DID!!! You gave me tools and explained why I use those tools this has done a WOLD of good for me! I had to get over my fears of my coach in the beginning because I thought everybody knows more than me. I had a hard time with authority figures. I felt inferior and I have now been able to overcome that. That was the previous me and I am ready to MOVE ON!!!

If you are fortunate to have Adam Mortimer as your coach, you will be very pleased!!
I want to let you know how he has helped me in this coaching program in my first 5 sessions...
I really looked forward to our Monday morning appointments!! Adam is incredible respectful of our time together. Adam has genuine positive energy coming to me each week!! He specifically helped me with getting rid of old repetitive negative patterns my mind entertained. I learned specific and simple steps to instantly clear those destructive patterns and clutter!! I am calmer, clearer and better educated about how much is in my control. I appreciated Adam's insight and how he really listened to me. Adam shared with me a better way to move forward to the future I desire. I look forward to the next phase of my program!!

Thank you, Adam!! Your guidance and training have watered the seed within me! I believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I will practice the tools I've learned so far and this is just the beginning!!
Peggy P

Let me begin by saying my self image is high! Higher than it has been in years. I have come to respect myself and appreciate myself for who I am. I am able to see and feel the difference in everything that I do. It makes me ecstatic to see how much I have grown in under two months. Before I joined Prosper I used to look at myself as simply being there. It was all just another day in my mind. Looking at myself back then I just felt like this is who I am and there was nothing I would or could do to change that. My outlook for life has changed in some of the most miraculous ways. Viewing myself differently is huge. Someone asked me how big of a difference my self image is compared to how it was. My reply is 'IT IS TOO GREAT TO EXPRESS IN WORDS.'


I have had my second coaching session with Adam, who always seems tuned into where I am at and have specific answers ready to move me to the next phase. I have so far learned to use the 90 second time as I wake up and go to sleep to set the mood and focus on what I want. Photographed my vision board to keep it with me every where I go, on my phone, in my car, in my office. To write a script that is my life, read it memorize and use it as my reality. To fully imagine that I already have what it is I want, picture it already here, living it, speaking it, imagining it. Last week my business attracted a customer that is worth $18,700 per year to my business and already this week I have attracted a customer that is worth $11,250 per year. My short term goals are to become more disciplined in my thoughts, speech and visualizing, create more sales/money for my business. Be on the lookout for what the universe is showing/telling me as I move forward with new resources.

Adam can you please outline the 'Script' I need to write - I seem to have lost the thread.

Many thanks for your support.
Have a wonderful day

I like to start out with an assessment to see where you are now and then create a customized roadmap to get you to where you want to be.


I offer 4, 8 and 12 Session packages. If you would like to focus on mastering your mind. Improving your business. Develop habits that can 10X your life and your income. I am the coach for you. Each session will be tailored to exactly what you need to take your life to the next level.
What I specialize in is:
Coaching Start-ups (3 Million Dollars in Sales!)
Clearing Limiting Beliefs
Developing Success Habits
Finance Mastery

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BS in Business
  • Zig Ziglar Certified Coach
  • Joe Vitale Certified Miracles Coach
  • High Performance Certified Coach
  • Achieve Today Certified Coach
  • Zig Ziglar Certified Trainer
  • Joe Vitale Authorship Coach
I am the director of coaching at Achieve Today. I have coached over 4000 people in 85 countries. I have a best selling Udemy course with over 5000 students. I am a hypnotist and I have created a certification program that has over 3 million in sales. I am an expert in influence and persuasion and simply love people and helping them awaken their greatness.

Fee description

Fees: from $87 USD to $147 USD

My 4 Session package is 399, My 8 Session package is 699 and 12 session package is 799.


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