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adrienne marcellus

BSW, MSW, Certified Life Coach 
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
I'm a Masters Clinician and Certified Life Coach-I offer a variety of professional coaching services

About me

I have spent many years working intensively with individuals through therapy, assessment, crisis management, and much more. I have always enjoyed helping others create positive change in their lives. I have worked with families and individuals to enhance and empower their lives for over 10 years.

Over the course of my life, I have overcome obstacles and experienced significant personal growth as a result, but everyone has that turning point - a spark to make a life change. When I lost a beautiful friend, I was able to experience the strength and the love that his mother, who had endured tremendous loss, willingly gave to others. Her fortitude, and my friend's lasting electric energy, inspired me to pursue the field of Life Coaching. I wanted to be happy, and to wake up every morning with a smile on my face because I love my job. I wanted to empower people to find the strength, love, and passion that everyone deserves in their lives. Thus, my journey began.


I do 60 minute private coaching sessions. The sessions can be done via Video Chat, Phone, and/or in Person.
I do video chat coaching, whether it be Skype or FaceTime
Short courses or group coaching
I offer group coaching sessions to those in the surrounding Charlotte area

Fee description

Fees: to $1100 USD

You can choose to do a single session or choose from the many package options that I offer.


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