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CPC, ELI-MP, Career & Transition 
New York, New York, United States
In a career transition? We're here to help. Realistically, honestly, and powerfully.
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Whatever the turning point, whatever the field, and whatever your experience, we all flow through different career transitions throughout our life. That's where Airrow Coaching steps in, to help clarify, aim, and move forward towards your goals and next steps in your career.

Career transitions are common experiences that almost every person encounters, likely several times throughout their lives. From graduating college and working to enter the workforce, to handling promotions and the new responsibilities that come with them. To navigating career pivots, to gaining a new manager. Moving to a new city, nearing retirement, working towards a raise, soul searching for passion and direction in life – the list goes on.

However, despite being such a common thread amongst us, it can still be difficult and confusing to navigate transitions on our own. Resources, support, and clear direction can be hard to find, perhaps because each person’s transition is so extremely unique to that individual. It can be easy for a career transition become overwhelming, and literally feel like it is taking over our life. Wouldn’t it be great to have a resource that can not only help navigate the logistics of a career transition, but also address and alleviate the tolls and affects a transition may have on our personal lives? This, is where Airrow Coaching was created.

At Airrow Coaching, it is our goal be a source of support through every aspect of your career transition. You will work together with a Certified Professional Coach to identify how you show up as a person in your field, clarify your values and goals for your career path, take next steps towards actions that will work best for you, and identify and remove any blocks that may be getting in your way of moving forward.

While working on your career goals, Airrow Coaching also aims to focus on an extremely significant area that often gets lost during a transition – self-care. Each coaching session will dedicated time to consistently check in on where you stand in caring for yourself, ways to improve your self-care, and establish methods to help keep yourself whole and energized, so you can continue to put energy and passion back into your career path.

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We offer individual coaching sessions to work on your career transition and self care.

We also offer Interview Prep, Resume and Cover Letter Review, ELI Assessments.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • CPC
  • ELI-MP

Fee description

Fees: from $64 USD to $140 USD


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