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Alex Boden

Personal development and life coach 
Bristol/London, England, United Kingdom

I am a former Royal Marine, specialise in mentoring, personal development and life coaching

About me

Mentor, Athlete, Husband.

I have achieved great things in multiple sports and physical tests, constantly pushing my body and mind to the next level. After evaluating and turning around my life over the last 10 years, I have been on a life journey from a party loving chef to being in the upper echelons of my post military career.

Life is about achieving goals and being happy on the journey…. I am challenging you to let me help you find your positivity, your mental and physical strength and to achieve your personal goals.
want to help you achieve your goals whatever they are, and help you breakthrough whatever barriers you have.
These could be mental or physical, it doesn’t matter, every personal development program provided will be tailored to you as an individual to help you attain your desired results.

This is about building a coaching relationship, working together and creating you the best possible journey for you to get your life goals.

Coaching with me


Pre military programmes to prepare for the physical and mental challenges of military training.
Lifestyle overhauls – Stuck in that rut? Hitting roadblocks? I can help.
Confidence boost – if you need support to get to the next level and break down those barriers.
Weight loss – mental and physical programming and conditioning. Ongoing diet, nutrition plans.
Pre competition help – If you need help preparing for that big fight, that game, or during the in season.
Step-by-step personal growth and self improvement plans.


My coaching style is very personal, I like to build a lasting coach and client relationship, I use a number of techniques from my experience in the military to various NLP techniques that I have learned, along with lots of motivational queues that I have developed and that have been used on me during my years of playing high level sports



I offer a wide range of things, as everyone's coaching needs are different my plans are completely bespoke, I offer correspondence by phone, email, Skype or one to one dependant on the needs, the first consultation is free and will be a questionnaire designed to suit your coaching needs

Experience, Certifications and Training


I have played high level sport over a number of years from national level basketball, to semi professional level martial arts in a number of disciplines.
I have undertaken what is considered to be the hardest both mentally and physical training in the world in the Royal Marines.
Currently along with building my coaching career I have reached the pinnacle of the security and bodybuilding industry.
I have lost a lot of friends in the military and also experienced lots of great joys throughout my life.

Fee description

Fees: from $5 to $500

There is no set price structure for my coaching, no problem or need is to big or to small, so after the initial consultations we decide what is best for you and the best payment plan to suit you


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