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Alix Greer

Empowerment and Success Coach 
Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Unleash the power from within to find the empowered you!

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FEES from £80 GBP to £470 GBP for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am an Empowerment Life and Success Coach who has coached men and women around the world for three years. Clients come to me for gaining clarity, finding their life purpose, clearing limiting beliefs and achieve their goals in their life and heart based businesses. I have a Life Coaching diploma accredited by NLP The Centre of Excellence and International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. My coaching sessions are tailored around the clients needs, goals and desires. I use different tools and techniques in my coaching sessions and explore what it is that empowers your heart to an abundant and fulfilled life you deserve and desire.

Coaching with me

Each program is customized to your unique needs and desires, and will cover the components below that are most relevant to you and your business:

- Gain clarity moving forward into a fulfilling and abundant future.
- Discover your life purpose and making actionable steps towards making your purpose come to life.
- Confidence to step up and show up in your life.
- Empowerment to own your life and worth.
-Motivated and living a life of purpose by saying goodbye to old limiting beliefs that held you back in the past.
-Lifestyle you are happy and abundant living.
-Goal setting to the future you and your business to take yourself to the next level of success.
I love to find out what empowers you, lights you up and makes your heart sing. Each and everyone of us has a power within us to feel empowered. With tools and techniques I use such as EFT (tapping), meditations, mantras and affirmations, forgiving and letting go work, releasing the past and moving towards a fulfilling future and goal setting to name a few I specialise doing in my coaching sessions. I tailor make my sessions to the clients needs, dreams and desires so you get a personal session that works around you.



Life Coaching - Empowered Intensive- you will explore what is no longer serving you. We burst through any fears or doubts that may be troubling you and explore techniques to work through them to heal and release those emotions and feelings. By the end of the session you will feel more empowered with a massive weight that has been lifted and a new found confidence within you. Sessions: 1 session (1.5 hour) via Skype. Success Coaching- Empowered Intensive- powerful session that will burst you with confidence and clarity about starting your heart centred business. We will explore an action plan for you that you can work with straight away. You will leave the empowered session motivated, confident and fully supported that you can’t wait to put into action your personal heart based action plan. Sessions: 1 session (1.5 hour)


Success Coaching-Empowered Breakthrough The Empowered Breakthrough package is fantastic to burst through belief patterns that you may have within yourself, discovering your money story that maybe be blocking you from moving forward to attract the fulfilling life you want and deserve. The package also gets you crystal clear what your mission, vision and purpose is in your business and to who are your tribe audience. We design an action plan that is personal to you and your business. You will gain clarity and make steps toward your goals with confidence and will be blown away with the incredible results you make moving forward. Sessions: 4 x 1 hour sessions Durations: 1 month Success Coaching- Empowered Mentorship On the Empowered Mentorship programme we go deeper into what is your mission and making sure that it is the core of all your work. We explore how to setup your own website and build a strong fountain, strengthen your mindset, create a work-life balance, locate and communicate with your ideal clients and make the empowered impact you were created to make in this world. The Empowered Mentorship is tailored to your needs to up level your business to the next level with support and guidance with you feeling confident in every step you take further towards your business goals. Sessions: 8x 1 hour sessions Durations: 2-3 months Life Coaching-Empowered Breakthrough The Empowered Breakthrough is a fantastic package that allows you to explore deeper. After identifying what is no longer serving you, each session will leave you feeling lighter and freer from fears, self sabotage or doubts. We will be able to expand on techniques and tools that suits you best to work well in your everyday life. From each session you will feel more empowered and see changes within yourself and be supported and guided by yourself to live the life you truly feel happy about. Sessions: 4 x 1 hour sessions Duration: 1 month Life Coaching- Empowered Transformation The Empowered Transformation package is fantastic as we work closely together on making life transformation changes that will make a massive impact on your life. We work deep on tools and techniques to use daily in your life plus working on changes in your life that will make a difference. If that is to make more time for yourself, seeing the true you, discover your true passion, or exploring and having fun. Sessions: 8x 1 hour sessions Durations: 2-3 months

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Diploma in Life Coaching
I have overcome many challenges in my personal and work life which fueled me with the desire to build a platform to share the tools to support others. I have overcome challenges having dyslexia by being told I can’t do things or I wasn’t good enough, a friend taking her life, parents splitting up, sister finding out she had bi-polar and day to day challenges of feeling not good enough.

I started my career in theatre, loving the arts and drama. I later worked with young children to teenagers using dramas a way to build their confidence and self esteem. It was from that moment I knew I wanted to explore further how to transform others. I knew that to do this I would have to work on herself too and explored Reiki, TM meditation, eating organic food and travelled around the world. I also learnt Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming and got interested in learning new tools to overcome blocks and fears to empower women and men to their full potential. I got a diploma in Life Coaching and from then I knew what my true life purpose was. I’ve realised what I’ve learnt to get me where I am I can pass on and share to others who feel they have a burning desire but unsure what to do or you know what to do but don’t know the steps to go forward with it.

Fee description

Fees: from £80 GBP to £470 GBP

Life and Success Coaching: Empowered Intensive- 1.5 hour $100 Empowered Breakthrough- 4 x 1 hour sessions $270 Empowered Transformation- 8 x 1 hour sessions $470 Success Coaching Empowered Hour- 1 hour $80 Empowered Breakthrough- 4 x 1 hour sessions $270 Empowered Mentorship- 8 x 1 hour sessions $470


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