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Business Coach 
New Delhi, Union Territory of Delhi, India
Helping Individuals, Groups & Organizations EXECUTE their Highest Vision.

About me

My Mantra is "Relax! Nothing Matters! But, play as if everything matters".

Playing various roles: Executive Coach at MNCs, Mentor to Startups, Business Coach to small and medium enterprises and Management Consultant to various organizations including NGOs. Also trained as a energy healer and an active promoter of conscious living and leadership.

Coaching with me

1. Clarify Your Goals: Find-out if you are pursuing things that you really wish to and discover contradictions, if any, in your life, career or business goals
2. Identify Blind Spots or self-created barriers
3. Resolve Conflicts, transcend constraints, move around bottlenecks
4. Arrive at creative solutions to challenges
5. Move towards an experience of more freedom and power and taking your self-expression to next level
6. Start moving towards coming alive like never before, bringing out your greatest thoughts, energizing yourself to your highest capacities and enthusing yourself to your very best in any situation
7. Bring more fun and meaning in your life and work
8. Re-discover things that really matter to you, your interests, strengths and your passion.
9. Begin preparing for the greatest game you have ever wanted to play in your life
10. Be your Grandest Self and begin living your Highest Vision now!
1. The objective of the first session is to have an introductory / informal discussion and comfortably evaluate each other to agree to a coaching relationship.
2. We begin the formal coaching session by reviewing how you have lived your life or created your career or business, so far.
3. Then we discuss the specific issues you wish to address.
4. We mutually arrive at the goals of the coaching relationship.
5. Finally, we agree to a structure and calendar for coaching sessions.


I offer one-to-one sessions on email, phone, skype or zoom tailored to specific needs of an individual. Private sessions are possible when we are in the same city. Currently I am at Delhi, India.
After a preliminary discussion, we mutually decide on structure, length and frequency of the sessions.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MBA (Finance)
  • MCKS Arhatic Yoga
  • MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing®
  • MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy®
- Founder of Omnizient Labs, a Business Coaching, Consulting & Training firm helping Startups, SMEs and NGOs
- Business Coach for SMEs, Mentor for Startups, Executive Coach at MNCs and Consultant with NGOs
- Co-Founder of an early stage Marketing Analytics startup
- Worked with non-profits like LetzChange, Digital Empowerment Foundation, Drishtee Foundation, and Liberty Institute
- Member, Grand Jury, Manthan Awards South Asia & Asia Pacific 2015
- Jury Member at i2i Business Plan Competition 2011 of IIM Calcutta
- Jury and Mentor at the Economic Times’ Power of Ideas 2010
- Mentor at Mentoredge, initiative of Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), IIM Ahemdabad
- As a trainer and coach worked with organizations like American Express & Infosys
- Conducts workshops for Entrepreneurs and Senior Management to help set-up systems & strategies to maximize profits & revenues
- As a Coach, evangelizes “Live Your Highest Vision Now” for individuals, teams and organizations
- Designed training programs in areas like Corporate Communication, Personal Transformation, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service Excellence, Project Management, Coaching Skills for Managers, Performance Management and many others
- Designed the ‘Co-Creation’ Workshop Model which is at the heart of ‘Coaching Skills’ workshops and other Organizational Development Programs
- After a long stint in computer software industry, quit job at Quark India in 2005 to begin an independent entrepreneurial journey

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $1000 USD


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