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Amy Hayden

Life & Fitness Coach 
Emporia, Kansas, United States
Helping you bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to be.

About me

My faith, my family & helping others through my work are my top priorities. As long as I give these things the time and attention that they deserve, then I can hit my pillow at the end of the day feeling fulfilled and successful. This is my definition of success! What are your priorities? What is your definition of success?

Coaching with me

A healthy lifestyle, a healthy weight, positive self talk, a positive environment, healthy relationships, mindful eating, balancing life & work & family, setting & reaching goals, organizing, projects and how to complete them, how to have an active lifestyle
Its a partnership! Its a 2 man team! My clients talk & I listen. I listen carefully to the words being used & to my clients tone of voice when they talk about the different areas in their life. I want to hear what has worked in the past, what is working now & what doesn't work & why? I want to help my clients to set goals & to go after them no matter what. NO MORE EXCUSES! I want their excuses to sound like finger nails on a chalkboard when they say them out loud. I want their excuses to sound so uncomfortable that they stop mid-sentence & do what they need to do to reach their goals anyway. I want my clients to learn how important it is to NOT change their goals BUT to know and accept that with life´s twists & turns sometimes you have to change the path it takes to reach them. It is not all or nothing, it is DO SOMETHING every single day!


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

1 hour session ..... Face to Face meeting to discuss your life & fitness goals, identify things that may be sabotaging your success, together create an action plan to help reach your goals & stop starting over ($30)

4,6 & 8 week sessios ........ includes weekly 60 minute face to face visit, daily contact (via texting/fb messaging), accountability & homework (4 week session $100/6 week session $140/8 week session $175)

Its a partnership, so you don't have to go it alone!
Includes weekly phone call, daily contact (via coaching site), accountability & homework ($60 monthly)

Fee description

Fees: from $30 USD to $175 USD


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