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Coach Amy S Wilhelm
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Amy S Wilhelm

M.Ed. & Life Coach 
Bowling Green, Ohio, United States
I teach women struggling with major life transitions how to use the Law of Attraction to find joy
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About me

Over the course of my lifetime I have experienced many transitions, many extremely happy transitions, i.e. becoming a college graduate--3 times, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and many not so happy experiences. The not so happy transitions could be seen as a failure, as in the case of a failed 23-year marriage, or something to grow from. I have taken the time since my transition into being a single mother to grow stronger and more empowered.

As many of you have experienced, life has its ups and downs, like the ebb and flow of water. As I was redesigning my life as a single mother, working full-time, I lost my father and a year later I lost my last grand-parent. Obviously this was more devastating for my mother as she and my dad had been married for 50 years and a year and a day later she lost her mother who was more like her best friend. My life took on a new transition as I now had to help my mother adjust to being a widow, being alone, learn to feel confident in making decisions on her own without consulting her husband, etc.

Five years go by and my life becomes a roller coaster ride, definitely not at a fun ride, the scariest ride of my life to date. October 2015 my youngest son discovers my mother had passed away 4 days earlier. This is an experience no one, child or grandchild, should have to witness. Six months later, a very close dear friend loses his son to the heroin epidemic. Two months later I move into my childhood home; the following month I lose my job due to reorganization. On November 1, 2016 I have to put my beloved dog down due to health issues. As soon as my dog is buried and I sit down to cry and reflect, I receive a phone call requesting that I go check on my sister as she hasn’t been replying to texts or phone calls for the last several hours. I go and as you have probably guessed, she has died too. I can honestly say at this point I look up to the heavens and say to God … I have heard that you won’t give me more than I can handle, but I certainly wish you didn’t think I was so strong!

For the next 6 to 8 months my life is consumed with handling estate details for both my mother and my sister. By May 2017 both estates are finalized and almost immediately my mood changes and I become overwhelming sad. I find myself crying several times a day, I am finally mourning the loss of my mother and my sister. A few weeks later I experience a very personal betrayal, with more heartache to follow. Needless to say the entire summer was one that I don’t want to relive. I was so very low and sad that it was hard to find joy in anything, hard to laugh or smile. As I cry from overwhelming sadness, missing my sister, I cry out to God, why am I still here? My family is gone, besides my children, but they are adults now and they don’t need me. What is my purpose for still being alive, what value do I have?

God answered my cry for help, via email. I won’t go into details of the email, but over the next five days I watch five videos sent to my email. After watching the videos I said to myself, I want to learn how to live like the woman in the video. I want to learn to be happy, I want to find my purpose. In October I started on a journey that has shown me my value and purpose; it has taught me, and I continue to learn, how to be happy, be creative and have desires again. The journey started as self-help but has inspired me to want to share and show others how to live life with deliberate intent.

Coaching with me


Empowering women, finding solutions and discovering ones’ potential to live an unlimited abundant life.
I like to create a safe and nurturing space for my clients to explore limiting beliefs, transform fears and help the client replace them with thoughts, beliefs, intentions and commitments that are loving and supportive of the life they desire to create. As a coach I need to get to the root/cause of my client's challenges. The cause is always vibrational. The vibration is obvious by how the client feels about any given subject. The client will learn to be mindful of her emotions as sessions progress.


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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • M.Ed. in 1995 from BGSU
  • Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, 2018
  • Quantum Success Coaching Academy

Fee description

Fees: from $130 USD to $200 USD

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1 session only, hour phone call, $200

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