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Andrea Jackson

Washington, United States

About me

Hey Queen,

I’m Andrea Jackson, a certified Life Coach who specializes in helping women achieve their goals and reclaim their vision, clarity and majestic confidence with my signature coaching program. 

Building self esteem and confidence has changed my life! That’s why I became a Life Coach-because I realize so many women need help healing from their past and create a positive mindset, while building self confidence and creating a strategic plan to live life to its fullest.

I realized I lacked self confidence after the birth of my firstborn child. I battled postpartum depression and struggled balancing life as a new mom and college graduate unfolding the next chapter of my life. The struggle was real! As postpartum depression weighed extremely heavily on me, I began to envy happiness, joy and peace. I was so stuck!  Because I woke up everyday unhappy, went to sleep every night unhappy, my mind constantly told me this was the way life would remain. I lost sight of my life’s purpose and had no idea how I could overcome it-because my mindset was negative and I was so stuck. 


One day, I was sick and tired of being unhappy. Through prayer and meditation, I began the process of self forgiveness and initiated self care. I gained strength to heal from my negative mindset that held me captive. When I agreed with God concerning what He said about me, I began living mindfully and intentionally and accepted my life’s purpose. I gave myself permission to be happy!

Building confidence helped me:

Stop feeling sorry for myself
Live in my purpose
End toxic relationships
Have a positive self reflection
Stop abusive internal dialogue
Cope with social anxiety
And so much more!
Today, I live a confident abundant life, adorned with grace, crowned with appreciation and gratitude for the respect and dignity I have for myself. 

With Love,

Andrea Jackson


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