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Coach Andrea Lawson Jaramillo
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Andrea Lawson Jaramillo

Bogota, Distrito Capital de Bogota, Colombia
Helping families make the most out of the expat life.
Transition coach Expat coach, Relocation coach

FEES from $60 USD to $100 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Having been raised as an expat child and raising two expat children, gives me first hand knowledge of the ups and downs of the global nomad lifestyle. I believe that if families are aware of the potential benefits and pitfalls they can create family cultures that enables each one of their family members to reap the benefits and manage the challenges of this lifestyle.

Coaching with me

-Make decisions about relocation
-Create deliberate and explicit goals about what their family as a whole, as well as each individual member, wants to obtain from the expat life
-Strengthen each individuals sense of belonging to the family
-Establish a culture of respect for local culture and diversity, as well as each others individuality
-Help each family member to express his or her emotions as well as that of others
-Acknowledge and deliberately manage the mobility phases as well as the emotions it surfaces in order to prevent unresolved grief.
-Help Third Culture Kids (TCK's) with identity issues that can surface from the expat life
I believe individuals are best suited to come up with options and make the best decisions for themselves. I work with clients in order to help them better understand their true motivations and what is holding them back from overcoming the challenges they are struggling with.

I also provide workshops in which my clients can learn the psychological impact and opportunities of life as a global nomad.


Private coaching can follow one of two tracks. The first, in which we work on achieving the particular goals that each person has established. The second, is one in which we together explore the five aspects that are key in helping build a family culture in which all members come out strengthened by the expat lifestyle.
Short courses or group coaching
I offer custom designed courses that provide insights into the potential benefit and challenges of the expat life and the potential impact of their so called third culture kids, as well as activities, tools and rituals that can be established to help create families culture that are more conducive to having each member benefit from the relocation experiences.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BS in Industrial Engineering
  • Masters in Public Administration from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government
  • Advanced Coach from the International Coaching Academy (in progress)
  • Advanced Coach from the International Coaching Academy (in progress)
I am in my forties, happily married and the mother of two amazing girls. I am the daughter of a multicultural marriage and grew up as an expat kid. We lived in five different countries during my child hood. Guatemala, my birth country, holds a dear place in my heart although it is the place I know the least. In summary, as my husband mockingly describes me, I am a mutt , and, as many other Third Culture Kids, can't really answer the question of where I am from.

During my mid thirties a lot of the unresolved issues from having grown up bouncing around the world started surfacing and drove me to embrace them. Now I coach expat families with the hopes of helping them create the family environments needed to help all members thrive from the expat life and prevent and better handle some of the identity and grief issues that may result from it.

Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $100 USD

The first session is free of cost and is an opportunity for the client and coach to get to know each other and determine if there is a fit. The next five sessions are $80 for individual sessions and $100 for group ones. There after, individual sessions are $60 and group $80.


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