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Andrew Thomas

Dip. PHCM, CPCAB qualified 
Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
Life and Business Coach, Mentor, Personal Development Coach and Public Speaker

About me

I am a Life and Development Coach/Mentor working with both individuals and businesses around change, development and motivation.
I have over 15 years Managerial Experience, and with that comes a wealth of knowledge and success in managing and leading other people.
Through my own career development and progression I have aimed to motivate and inspire others to towards their own objectives and goals, whilst at the same time I have focused on my own personal development through study and qualification so that I can continue to provide the best work possible in my chosen arena.
As a Father and Husband I strive to provide empowerment and encoruagement for my family to aim for their own successes in life, and I am very keen to see the development and growth in younger people. I am focused, driven and passionate about what I do, but more over I have more of a passion for what my clients wish to improve in their lives.
My ethos focuses on motivation for development that leads to individual or co-operative success, and I believe firmly in one's own duty in creating their pathway to their ultimate goal or objective.

Coaching with me

I help clients to identify goals and objectives, to assess their current position in life or employment, to motivate themselves towards achieving goals, and I empower them to strive for what it is they wish to receive from life.
Every individual client is different and therefore every individual coaching session will bring new challenges as well as greater opportunities. As a coach I work with my clients initially to listen specifically to what it is they believe they need to change, and then our focus is purley on moving forward together.
Historically my clients have included students who seek to develop structure and motivation around their studies, individuals seeking to improve their health, and professionals struggling with confidence to tackle new challenges or responsibilities. Individual needs require individual focus, and with no two clients ever being the same, it's what makes my role both exciting and empowering.
I coach my clients in the same way as I coach myself....with an ear to listen to what is being said, a voice to inspire and empower change in one's life, and a passion towards achieving that change for one's self. I adopt an honest and open appraoch to coaching, and I accept that I may not be able to work with everyone for whatever reason, although I have not had any refusals for coaching to date. My nature is easy going and confident, although I am not pushy, nor will I force the pace at which my clients chose to work. With that honesty comes integrity, and I will always be open with a client if I feel that the coaching route is not the right route for them. I am in the business of helping and empowering others, but some clients my be better suited to Counselling or an alternative type of coaching. At any point if I feel this is so then I can make suitable referrals into other services.
I offer relaxed, confidential and safe sessions, with an approach that requires the client to lead me. I am always listening to what the client is saying so that they remain focused on the right goal or objective, but I encourage clients to be open and honest so that they achieve as much from coaching as they can.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

One to one sessions are available, with the first consultation free. Session structures are designed around the outcome of the intial consultation, during which both client and coach can assess their acceptance for working together. All sessions are confidential, and both my Code of Ethics/Conduct and Contract of Service will be issued for agreement before any sessions commence.
Everything for Private coaching sessions apply to my online coaching service, except that a video link will be used as opposed to face to face meetings. The structure of the sessions will be as agreed following the initial free consultation. Confidence is assured with these sessions.
Short courses or group coaching
Group Coaching can be discussed as a way forward, although the dynamics of these sessions will determine a alternative approach to the individual sessions. Fees for all sessions will be discussed during the initial free consultation depending upon the coaching needs of those in the group. Confidence from a Coach perspective is assured for group sessions.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Post Grad Diploma in Primary Healthcare Management with Distinction
  • Restorative Practices & Facilitating Conference Skills with Distinction
  • CPCAB Life Coaching with Distinction
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • ASIST Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • Mediation Training
My own personal focus has always been one of growth and development, often having to fight against the tide in order to achieve what I have. From having to give up my first Business at 22 due to serious injuries sustained in an accident, through to having to re-educating myself (now to Post Graduate level), I have always maintained a focus on what it is I am aiming to achieve, and my continued desire to put right some of the mistakes I have made along the way have always driven me forward so that I can achieve this.
I have worked myself up the career ladder through a combination of hard work, long hours/commutes, and endless study to get to where I am today, but it was an unfortunate turn of events that began in 2011 that resulted in my change of direction, away from the management of people and more towards the leadership and empowerment of them. I have learned an awful lot about people over the years, but I have always found human psychology both fascinating and entriguing, to the point that I knew I had to move more towards a Humanistic career and role.
I am passionate about peoples development and progression, and I am especially challenged by the issues our younger generations face today as they move forward towards adult will they manage, what jobs have they to look forward to, what skills are they likely to need as opposed to those I required? All of these questions drive me forward everyday as I seek new inspiration and empowerment of my own.
The role of a coach relies on so much, and aside from trying to make a living everyday, most coaches are driven my something else, something that leaves their own questions unanswered. For me, I continue to seek out the answers to my own questions, but I enjoy helping my clients to seek out their own answers as well.

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $400 USD

One to One sessions from £25 per hour plus expenses (where applicable)
Group Sessions - quoted for at time of intial consultation.


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