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Andy Burton

Career Coach & Business Mentor 
Lagos, Portugal
High-performance coaching for successful professionals and budding entrepreneurs.
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About me

Finding work you truly enjoy and making the transition doesn’t have to be a scary, crazy leap.

Instead, it can be more like strategic bravery; like jumping off a cliff but with perfect calculations on your parachute and wind speed…landing in your new favourite place.

Because I’m betting that…

You’ve succeeded in your career but now you’re feeling trapped because it just doesn’t fit you anymore.

You’re feeling drained, unhappy and exhausted at the end of the day.
Your work is also spilling over into your personal life.

It impacts your family time and you socialize way less than you’d like too.

You’re bored to tears and time feels like it drags on forever.

You have a lingering feeling that you have a lot more to offer.

You want to feel challenged and creative and are looking for clarity, guidance, and support so you can finally discover work that’s a fit for you.

But, you’ve tried everything—feeling more grateful, being more committed, taking on new responsibilities, decreasing your hours, changing positions—but everything just leads you back to feeling unengaged and stuck in something you just don’t enjoy.

Hi, I’m Andy and I’ve been there!

I too felt trapped doing work that had run its course and spent several years looking for an escape route.  Here’s all the crap I threw against a wall, hoping it would stick:

I tried building 2 small businesses—but I just became busier and more unhappy.

I even flew to the US to learn how to build an online business—but I still wasn’t motivated enough to make it happen.

Next, I thought that maybe if I had my dream home surrounded by nature, I would finally feel the peace I was searching for.

However, I quickly learned that I just had more debt, more responsibilities and a lot less time.

After all of these attempts to break free from work, I finally realized that I had to stop resisting where I was.  (As they say: what we resist, persists!)

I decided to not only accept where I was but to leverage it to get me to where I wanted to go.

This mind shift changed everything!

I finally began to free up the energy to really understand how to find work that suited me. I made the decision not to pursue anything else until I actually knew myself well enough so I could make a much better decision about what I really wanted to do with my life!

As I learned more about who I was and what meaningful work would look like for me,  I eventually decided to merge my 10+ years of love for Personal Development, with my strengths in listening, mentoring, and teaching, with my desire to help others overcome the same struggles I had faced.

After gaining this clarity things began to unfold like a glorious ripple effect:

I flew across the country to train as a life coach.

I became an Associate Power Coach with Coaching and Leadership International.

I began coaching at my work and felt the most alive I had ever felt. I finally discovered work that I was born to do.

I sold 95% of my possessions so I could travel more and live in a warmer climate.

I became a digital nomad and moved to Portugal.

I recently became a best-selling author.

To deepen my ability to help people find meaningful work, I also became a Life Purpose coach.

And today?

I have the privilege of sharing proven processes + professional guidance to help you take the skills you’ve acquired so far and aim them towards work you care about….all without uncalculated quitting or starting from scratch or ‘no income’ zones.

And it is no stretch to say that helping people like you find work you love is a dream come true for me.

How about we save you years of miserable work?

How about we design a strategic transition plan towards work you enjoy…at a pace that works for you?

How about we ditch the idea of ‘settling’ once and for all?

If that sounds like a breath of fresh air, you’re going to love my Career Clarity & Confidence program. It’s that and more.

It’s time to get clear on what you want, build a plan to achieve it, and gain the confidence to make it happen.

If you want to finally move into work you love and have more meaning, purpose, freedom and fulfillment in your life, reach out and I'd love to connect.



My Career Clarity & Confidence Program happens in 12 Sessions to help you identify your ideal career path and another 12 Sessions to help you make a smooth transition into work that suits you perfectly.

Fee description

Fees: from $1000 USD to $10000 USD

Depends on the clients goals and objectives and the value of the results we create together.


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