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Arlean Timmons

Visionary. Leadership Professional 
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Smart, funny, & relatable to everyone. Lets unlock your leadership poential

About me

Arlean earned her Master’s degree in Transformative Leadership from Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida. Undergrad in Business Management from University of Phoenix and Associates of Applied Science in Human Resource Management from the community College of the Air Force.
Arlean is currently in the United States Air Force Reserve. Arlean has been serving her country proudly for the past 9 years.
Arlean is a business woman and inspirational speaker. Arlean is committed to helping young women across the world to achieve success through empowering, uplifting and informing them of the possibilities that lies within them to live a purposeful life. Her passion and dedication inspired her to host her first annual YES! Women on the Rise empowerment conference in Atlanta, Ga 2014.
Arlean is a smart, funny and relatable woman, who is down to earth. When it comes to dealing with people Arlean cares about the quality of life for all the people she comes into contact with. Three things for certain: Arlean is determined to develop everyone’s true purpose and establish their mission. Arlean is dedicated to her followers and supporting them anyway that she can to help them accelerate their lives to the next level. Arlean is very dependable and if there is anything she can do to lend a helping hand you can count on Arlean to be there for you. Arlean approaches life with real-world situations and how to overcome those everyday life challenge that life present us. Arlean stands firm on the: "Your perception of my life is not my reality".
Arlean currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her daughter Madisyn. Arlean enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her daughter.

Coaching with me

Map out weekly goals to accomplish
Define: Short and Long Term Terms
6 Weeks Objectives

How to plan for the month and living the life you want.
How to overcome daily roadblocks, setbacks and challenges,
What to do when life happens.
How to own your journey to success
Building Your Brand Bootcamp
Building Your Brand 2.0
I understand that we as people are unique in our own special way. Therefore I coach each individual differently. Everyone do not have the same learning styles and are seeking different results. It is my job to accomdate you and provide you with the services that best meet your needs, time, and your schedule. I am excited about working with you and transsforming your life for the better.


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Daily text and emails
Weekly phone calls
6 week sessions
Monthly meet ups
Access to all events
ongoing coaching is available
Daily unlimited emails
Face time
6 Week sessions
Monthly check in and assignments
Access to all events
Access to all conference calls
ongoing coaching is available
Short courses or group coaching
1 Day Leadership Program
1 Day Coaching Program
3 Day Leadership Program
3 Day Coaching Program
6 Week leadership Program
6 Week Coaching Program
Monthly check in and assignments
Access to all events
Access to all conference calls
ongoing coaching is available
Ongoing training
6 Week Leadership Program
Seasonal Networking Events
Annual Conferences
Training tailored specifically for your needs

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Associate HR Management
  • BS/Business Management
  • MS/Transformative Leadership
As the Founder of YES! Women on the Rise:
I have had successful annual conferences
Seasonal Networking Sessions:
Winter Edition: Building Your Brand
Spring Edition: Buildinh Your Brand Bootcamp
Summer Edition: Building Your Brand 2.0

My life experiences various. I know what it means to be a single mother and serve my country at the same time. Giving up that personal time with your child to provide a better quality of living for them. Being a single parent is not easy but its very rewarding. I also know that going to school to further your education as a single parent is very tough and there are days where I felt like giving up because life just keeps on happening to me. But I didn't! So, lets connect and let me help you to begin living the life you always dreamed of. Lets make your dreams a reality!

Fee description

Fees: from $500 USD to $10000 USD

500.00: Any one day program/per person

1,500.00: Any 3 day program/per person (discounts applied on all group sessions)

3,00.00: Any 6 week program/per person (discounts applied on all group sessions)

5,000 - $10,000: For all business looking for leadership training for employees and staff.


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