lifecoach $200 USD Ashley D Wilson Ashley D Wilson I'm a mother of 5 and have a grandson. I'm married and live a very social lifestyle.
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Ashley D Wilson

Drakesboro, Kentucky, United States
I'm a mother of 5 and have a grandson. I'm married and live a very social lifestyle.
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About me

My name is Ashley, I'm a mother of 5 and I have a grandson as well. I love talking to people.Even random strangers will come up to me and we end up having a great conversation. I've always been a listener to others. I love being able to use my gifts to help someone else. I'm a very spiritual person and a big goal setting person. I believe that we all have a purpose just sometimes need a little encouragment and a push. I love working with children and I love being a part of someones recovery. I'm pretty much a open book. I love life and I love helping others in the process.

Coaching with me


I want to help with all your needs and I love setting goals and making them happen. I will also be guiding you into finding yourself and having self love. If you are in recovery I will be cheering for you all the way. My goal is to help as many people as I can.


I will be giving you a task every week to go by. At the end of that week we will discuss how those goals were met and why they were done that way.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I will be offering one hour for a set price. I'm wanting to work with younger people, People in recovery,depressed and high anxiety as well. I'm looking to help others. I have a good listening ear. Look forward to meeting everyone.


I will be offering online services through zoom preferably. 

Experience, Certifications and Training


I have overcome many obstacles in my life so I can connect with anybody in so many different ways. I love working with children who need a little guidance. I know how the recovery system works and I love helping with the push and encouragement that is needed. I look forward to speaking with everyone no matter what the issue may be . Together we can get through as many obstacles that stand in your way. I'm a very spiritual person and I use that as a gift to give to others.

Fee description

Fees: from $125 USD to $200 USD

It will be one set price at $125 and hour.


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