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I believe everyone is born with a purpose. Finding that Purpose of one's life is most important discovery a human being can make. I help in the process of finding the purpose of one's life. Imagine you get up ever morning knowing you born to do this how satisfying and fullfiling is that. I am certified life purpose coach


I  am certified Relationship coach- I help my clients develop relationships and work on relationship which have gone sour. Relationship are important to have discover how you can be really good at buildingnew relationships and having healthy relationships with people who matter in your life. 


I am also a certified Depression Management Coach- I will help my clients who are going through struggles of life to overcome them and work towards living Happy healthy mental life.  


I do one-on-one Coaching both online and offiline


For Life Purpose Coach I take my clients through a15 session self discovery program each session based between an hour and an hour and half. These are exercise and activity based programs, so they are interactive and introspective sessions. 


 For Relationship and Depression coaching also I do one-on-one coaching both online and offline, these will be one hour sessions however the duration of no of days completely depends. 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Life Purpose Life Coach
  • Diploma in Relationship Counselling
  • Depression Counselling Diploma Advanced Level
  • Pre-Marriage and Marriage Training
  • Learning to Connect vs Communicate

Hello, thank you for reading through my profile. You can call me AVI, though my name is Avinash. I am a certified Life Purpose Life Coach, Relationship Management plus a Depression Management Coach. 

I have close 8 years of experience in coaching. My focus is on coaching my clients on both online and offline. 

Over the 8 years I have worked with 100s clients all over the world helping and guiding them in finding their purpose in their respective lives as they go on to live fulling and exciting lives. 


I have also work  with clients who have had traumtic experiences in their lives and  helped overcome them with help of their determination and grit. 


I am working with various married couples and couples before marriage in developing strong relationships and overcoming the blindspots in their relationship through effective communication.




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