lifecoach $2400 USD Azora Finch Azora Finch Not sure where your life going but know you need to make some changes? I can help you sort things.
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Azora Finch

Accountability & Motivation Coach 
Manayunk, Pennsylvania, United States
Not sure where your life going but know you need to make some changes? I can help you sort things.
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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $300 USD to $2400 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Azora has a natural way of bringing out people’s authenticity. Her mission is to connect people to their hearts, to teach them to walk in their truth and to go for the dreams that many people are afraid to say out loud.

Coaching with me

Our Coaching Sessions focus around:

Spiritual Growth
Clarity & Direction
Fears of Rejection or Failure
Self-love, Acceptance, Compassion
Life Purpose
Motivation, Accountability, Change

I will coach you to discover God’s purpose for your life, immediately start living and loving courageously while learning how to push through resistance

If you are ready to move forward, I want to coach you!

The focus of our sessions will be centered around:

1. Where am I now?

2. Where am I going?

3. How will I get there?

4. What might get in the way?

Clients who are successful working with me tend to have these qualities:

1. Motivation

2. Desire

3. Commitment

4. Fear (It’s normal to feel afraid when starting something new!)

If you have these four qualities, you are ready to embrace a more passionate wholehearted you by beginning the coaching process.

6 Individual Sessions

I’ve found that three months (6 sessions) of consistent focus moves my clients from living in resistance to fully embracing God’s direction for a wholehearted life. For this reason, I offer 6 sessions throughout a three-month period. Each session is 60 minutes via phone.

What does each session include? Every woman is different and moving through a unique season of life. Therefore each session is uniquely created to meet her needs.

A typical Coaching Session will include 10 Significant Steps to guide you towards living a passionate wholehearted life:

1. Begin with prayer ~ I will lead us in prayer by inviting God into each session and asking for His guidance.

2. Discuss Client Prep Form ~ We will review where you are, and where you want to be in order to achieve your goals.

3. Client/Coach dialog ~ This is where the rubber meets the road. We will dig deep to bring self-awareness and focus on what it means for you to live wholeheartedly.

4. Coaching questions ~ As your coach, I will ask you the tough questions that many people around you may be afraid to ask.

5. Brainstorming ~ Ideas are not just born from your coach. We will discuss together what it means for you to be successful in this program.

6. Consider possible obstacles ~ Roadblocks, you will have them, they do exist, and there can be a lot of them. I will teach you the tools to remove them and move forward. Often clients use these tools in other areas of their life.

7. Create an action plan ~ We will agree upon an action plan.

8. Discuss accountability plan ~ Accountability is the heart of the Coach/Client relationship.

9. Explore possible assignments between sessions ~ Homework. Depending on your unique situation there may be some assignments that will be done between our sessions.

10. End with prayer ~ As we complete our session, we will praise God. (I do not ask my clients to pray out loud unless they prefer.)

As always, it is up to the client to determine the priority of each session. We may spend an extended period of time on a particular area, however every call will prepare the client for a successful week ahead.

Support in Between Sessions

Questions may arise during the week. I am available by email to answer questions and to give feedback in between sessions.

This is meant to be a serious commitment. By sowing the seeds and to grow the way God intends, you are in essence, saying that you are ready to move forward in commitment and accountability with me as your coach.



Option 1 - Engage (3 hour session) for $500. This session is meant for the client who needs to get to the core of a situation and wants to knock it out fast. Three hour laser-focused coaching session, goal setting, and action planning.

Option 2 – Motivate Program (6 sessions) This alternative package is $900 and includes (2 sessions each month). Clients who need a refresher from the Inspire program or who are further along in their journey may choose this program.
75 min Discovery Session
6 60 min session (2 each/mo)
Unlimited email
Weekly email inspiration
10 min accountability call at the start or end of week

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Life Coach

Fee description

Fees: from $300 USD to $2400 USD


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