lifecoach $49 USD Brama M Brama M I am able to sense energy blocks, gaps, or tears and provide long distance healing sessions.
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Brama M

Chakra Healer 
Split, Splitsko-Dalmatinska Zupanija, Croatia
I am able to sense energy blocks, gaps, or tears and provide long distance healing sessions.

About me

Find what your partner think and feel about you!!!Empath, intuitive energy healer and light worker. I am able to sense energy blocks, gaps, or tears and provide long distance healing sessions. I also use Reiki and crystals to enhance connections & energies.True LOVE is the love you share with your Twinflame Soulmate.
Some people have empathic abilities that are so strong that they are not limited by time or space and can pick up feelings and energies from other people and places at a distance. As a professional psychic, I use my empathic abilities to connect with people all over the world, and I can feel what they are feeling emotionally, and also physically when necessary. There are certain relationships that form empathic bonds that transcend space: twins are known to be able to feel what their twin is feeling at a distance often throughout their lives, and some mothers can also feel when their children are in distress even when they are far away. The closer we are to someone emotionally, the more we pick up on their emotions and energies.
Because you and your soul mate cannot be together at this time, your soul mate is likely to be feeling a lot of pain, sadness and frustration, and those are the feelings that you are picking up on. There are a few ways of working with this. Next time you speak with her, tell her that you can feel her feelings, and remind her that you are always connected with each other even when you cannot be together. Tell her that whenever she feels the longing to be with you, or when she feels that she is missing you, she should close her eyes and imagine your arms around her. Instead of her focusing on the pain of distance, have her call upon your love, and bathe in the light of that love. Tell her that whenever she is feeling sad, lonely, depressed, frustrated, etc., she has only to close her eyes and breathe in your love, because you are always with her.

Anyone can do this with a soul mate at a distance, even if they have not met that soul mate yet - it is much better to fill oneself with the love of a soul mate that is ever-present than it is to wallow in the pain of loneliness, loss or lack. Connecting with the love of your soul mate in the present is how to draw your soul mate to you quickly, because love is a healing and attractive force that transcends time and space.

Coaching with me

Remote Energy Viewing, reading your partner or ex-partner's or anyone else's energy through yours. This is amazingly accurate and helps to give you an idea of how he or she is feeling.
On Skype, working one on one.


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One our of coaching
on Skype

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life coaching studies
  • Aromatherapy and emotions school

Fee description

Fees: from $19 USD to $49 USD

49 $ for 3 x coaching sesion


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