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Brenda Diaz

Certified Coach 
Framingham , Massachusetts, United States

Envision your SASS and Transform your destiny.



About me

I found my passion as a Coach when my children were young and had the opportunity to coach their sport teams. Inspiring, motivating and transforming their young spirits ignited my passion to expand my coaching and help others see how amazing life can be. Having three children, holding a leadership role and my coaching business may make my life a bit chaotic at times. However, each day I strive to make better than yesterday. Happiness is a choice, and amidst chaos, I choose to be happy! I put together SASS Coaching after my divorce, when I found myself being the sole care-taker for my children, household and only responsible party for our lifestyle and worse of all, not seeing the sunny side of life. I learned to live from my heart, to trust myself and take full responsibility for my life and my choices. The exercises, strategies and habits formed have been tried and true to my success. My goal is to share them with as many people as possible and help improve the quality of life of others.


My mentor once said to be, you always land on your feet- how is that? My life has been far from easy. However, I have an unlimited amount of faith, hope for a creating a better today and extraordinary tomorrow and I don’t give up. I trust and believe things will work out the way they are supposed to… that is what mindful living from your heart sounds like! My career has always been in the hospitality industry as a sales leader. In this capacity, I have been able to bring together struggling teams to exceptional teams, put together different groups of individuals with a common goal and building lifetime friendships as well as retraining and eliminating past negative behaviors to a cohesive and aggressive sales approach. I have received life coaching training through Joe Vitale’s Strattbook Associates training courses. Where there is life, there is hope. Stay in faith, stay grounded and focused on the road of success. Together, we can achieve extraordinary things!

Coaching with me


Hello, Beautiful Souls; I am Brenda, a seasoned Usui Reiki Master and the heart behind SASS Coaching.

My mission is to empower individuals with short-term strategies and the transformative power of Reiki, fostering enduring transformation.

Life's challenges are a given, but you can overcome anything with a resilient spirit and proper guidance. My grandparents have deeply influenced my journey, shaping me into someone both hospitable and driven. Their teachings inspired me to approach life optimistically, strive for growth, and share my experiences and knowledge.

At SASS Coaching, I draw on these life lessons to guide you on a journey of growth and lasting success through authentic living. Despite facing numerous challenges such as divorce, family breakdown, financial difficulties, single parenting, and managing Long COVID, I consider myself a survivor. Each circumstance has only made me more resilient, passionate, and open to vulnerability.

My promise is to empower you with short-term strategies and the healing power of Reiki, fostering enduring transformation.

Let's put our SASS to work! I'll be your unbiased, supportive partner, accountability buddy, and cheerleader. Together, we will conquer fears, establish belief systems that serve you, find your life purpose, and thrive—committed to living your best life.


My coaching style is holistic, where I weave together the threads of traditional life coaching and the transformative power of Reiki. I strongly emphasize empowerment and authenticity, guiding individuals on a personal journey of self-discovery and lasting success. My approach is inherently supportive and compassionate, deeply rooted in the lessons I've learned from my own challenges.

I am committed to providing a space for vulnerability, resilience, and the exploration of personal growth. My coaching style combines practical strategies, emotional support, and the healing energy of Reiki to empower individuals in various aspects of their lives. Together, we navigate a path encompassing both the practical and the profound, fostering holistic well-being and genuine transformation.


My promise to you as your life coach:

  • I will be unbiased

  • I will be your accountability buddy

  • I will help you set boundaries •I will help you create positive habits

  • I will help you stay focused

  • I will dedicate time to you

  • I will be an objective outsider and help keep perspective

  • I support you unconditionally throughout your journey

  • I will help you establish successful strategies, techniques & habits

  • I will help you conquer your fears, overcome obstacles & banish insecurities

  • I will be your biggest cheerleader


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


Want to kick start your life with a roadmap? Together we will identify roadblocks and hesitations, to create a strategies and set new routines to achieve balance, focus on positive growth, change and a total transformation to live an authentic life. I will assist you connect with your passions, follow your own path and reach your potential.



Private and Group Coaching is offered via Zoom. Meetings weekly to discuss progress, establish strategies, and essentially live your best life yet!

Short courses or group coaching

Online Vision Board Can you visualize a better tomorrow? If you see it, you can achieve it! In one short hour you will be creating your very own vision board to proudly display. From celebrities to sports players to everyday folks have been found great benefits from a vision board. Visualization is a powerful tool used to manifest your goals and desires. It focuses your subconscious on what you want and attracts people or circumstances to you, in order to achieve your goals. In two short hours, you will be focus on your goals and create your very own vision board. Vision board trainings can be in the comfort of your own home or in a group setting.

Ongoing training

21 Day to a Better You Self Pace Program Not enough time in the day? Feeling stuck in a routine or old ways? Studies show it takes 21 days to create a habit. This step by step program will help identify what is taking up time in your day and how to create habits leading to long lasting results. Each day you will receive an email with a task. The task should take 10 minutes to complete. It is your responsibility to finish this before the end of each day. These exercises will bring you to the next level and help create new and helpful habits. You will receive a reminder text daily to stay on track, access to a closed Facebook community and one group call weekly. Classes start every first of the month for 21 consecutive days

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Usui Reiki I
  • Usui Reiki II
  • Usui Reiki III- Master
  • Ho'Oponopono Coach
  • Life Purpose Life Coach
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach
  • Happiness Life Coach
  • Goal Setting Life Coach

Life is better when you are reaching your potential. My life has had its challenges; however, I have chosen to remain in faith and hopeful for a better tomorrow. This optimistic attitude has allowed me to create strategies and habits which have been the foundation of my success. Through these experiences, I have been able to help others find their way to achieving great endeavors, release their fears and live the life they have dreamed about.

Fee description

Fees: from $10 USD to $150 USD

Monday Lunch Lessons, 4-week group coaching program, $108

One Hour Coaching Session, $97

One Hour Coaching Session with 30-minute Reiki, $127

Overcoming Obstacles, self-paced course, $37

Kids Vision Board Kit, digital download, $7


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