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Brie Schmidt

Certif. Cognitive Behavioral Coach 
Tokyo, Tokyo-to, Japan

No shame, no sugarcoat relationship coaching for women looking to get unstuck in their love lives

OFFERINGS: Online coaching

FEES from $74 USD to $98 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I’m a relationship educator, coach, and host of the Bad Girlfriend Radio podcast. I’m your guide in navigating love and crushing the pressure to be a “perfect” woman or the “dream girlfriend/wife.” My approach focuses on healthy relationship habits, navigating relationship conflict, and self-empowerment. With a unique background combining an education in Sexuality Studies and Sociology (BA) and training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and life coaching, I offer a holistic and versatile take on love.

Coaching with me


Singles: We'll work together to raise your confidence and focus on your self-worth. We'll get clear on what makes you amazing in relationships, and I'll help you let go of any shame blocking your path. We'll also work on assertiveness training so you can set boundaries and communicate clearly with ease. Using Cognitive Behavior coaching, I'll shine a light on the thought patterns and behaviors that are keeping you stuck.

Dating/In a Relationship: I'll help you identify the values that are most important to you in a relationship and create a plan for sharing that with a significant other. We'll discuss clear communication skills, how to maintain your own identity and sense of self as you date, and your needs and fears in relationships. I'll also guide you through your unique attachment style, conflict style, and more so you can get to know your own strengths and weaknesses in relationships.


Just as individuals are unique, every relationship is truly one-of-a-kind, and our relationships are influenced by several personal factors. That's why my coaching style is holistic, looking at your past, present, and future selves, as well as your overall lifestyle. Using my background in Sexuality Studies, Sociology, life coaching, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) training, I look far beyond just relationships and dating to get to know you and your needs better. In our coaching, we'll get into the thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and more that all link together to create your reality - as well as the new reality you aim to create. Since my work is primarily with women, I also maintain a feminist and empowering attitude throughout. Whether I'm coaching a single client, or educating a large group, my motto for my work is "no shame, no sugarcoat, and no BS."



1-on-1 Live Video Coaching Calls

Work with me via online calls as we discuss your goals, needs, and the blocks keeping you stuck. Sessions are 50 minutes in length and can be scheduled weekly. Receive personalized action steps, worksheets, and resources to help you shift your mindset and create the love life you deserve. Video Coaching can be purchased in single sessions, monthly packages, or 3-month packages for bigger results - and value.

Private Email Coaching

Email coaching is perfect for those looking for a budget-friendly option while still having round-the-clock coaching and receiving the same worksheets and action steps that Video Coaching clients receive. Gain access to my coaching email and send your questions, details from last night's date, or whatever else is on your mind related to your love life, and I'll respond quickly to give you coaching in writing. These emails are unlimited for the duration of our coaching.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA, Sexuality Studies and Sociology
  • Certificate, Cognitive-Behavioral Coach Practitioner
  • Certificate, Life Coach

Fee description

Fees: from $74 USD to $98 USD

1-on-1 Video Coaching Calls

Purchase a single session for 98 USD, a 1-month package for 328 USD (includes 4 sessions + email access), or a 3-month package for 898 USD (includes 12 sessions + email access) - that comes out to about $74/session

Private Email Coaching

Email coaching can be accessed on a monthly basis at 98 USD/month of unlimited emails


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