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Carla Ferreira

I empower my clients mindset so they can go about, do their best and achieve their goals!

Coaching with me

I help people by empowering their mindset towards the solutions they want to achieve.

I help people by studying different angles of the problem so we can looks at new solutions. Also I bring what's best on each and every of my clients, so they feel full with confidence in themselves and can start taking the steps towards the new path they want for their lives.
Imagine you're talking with your best friend but with no judgement. That's my style of coaching.

I'm friendly with a professional tone. I listen carefully to your concerns and wishes and only after we start working together to find possible solutions.

With time I've learnt that not every session has to be a coaching session, so depending on how I feel you are coming to the session I might also adjust my style so you can best the best possible outcome from each session.

I use different techniques from therapy, coaching, management and NLP so I can bring about a palette to help you paint your future in brighter colours.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Coaching Certification - ICF
  • Management Consulting
  • NLP
  • Soft skills for managers
I worked as a manager for large Financial Services companies for about 12 years, while studying coaching and NLP for the past 5.

When I first moved to coaching about four years ago I felt very grateful for the experience because this allows me to help other people understand themselves better and bring change and increase the happiness levels on me and my clients.

I've been a coach for four years now, with some work on team coaching and workshop facilitation.

My life purpose is to help other people and I believe I've never been so on track with regards to that.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $100 USD


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