lifecoach $1400 USD Carla Teixeira Carla Teixeira I don't just coach weight loss, I work on the individuals Energy fields to repair the problems.
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Carla Teixeira

BscEcon, CPC, ACC, ELI-MP 
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I don't just coach weight loss, I work on the individuals Energy fields to repair the problems.
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About me


Carla Teixeira is a Certified Professional Corporate Coach (CPC) Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) I.C.F member, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and Bio-Energy therapist Healer, specialising in improving people’s lives, health, and overall wellbeing using the Power of Core Energy. Maybe, this can be better understood for those who are familiar with quantum physics. As the founder of Positive-Energy-Works, Carla has touched the lives of clients around the world, and helped them achieve sustainable weight loss, health and career goals, as well as successfully healing serious illnesses and infertility problems.

After graduating from University with a Bachelor of Economics & Social Science, she set up a successful company which lasted 15 years. An extremely intuitive person, Carla first realised her unique healing abilities when her dog, Atlanta, was diagnosed with an untreatable form of cancer in 2008.
Faced with the knowledge that doctors could do nothing to cure Atlanta and had given her just 48 hours to live, she took matters into her own hands. Allowing empathy and intuition to guide her, unexplainably, she began healing the dogs cancerous area. During this time, she gained ability not only to sense energy, but to see energy with her naked eye. And what happened next surprised the medical community: the cancer began to disappear and Atlanta lived on.
Carla spent months tuned into her intuition, asking it questions regarding the phenomena that has taken place. It was during this period of deep meditation that all energy related issues were subconsciously answered. After a few years of continual personal exploration and amazing insights, Carla decided to leave everything behind and open herself to other institutions that shared somewhat similar values about the word “Energy”. One of these being a prestigious International Coaching School and another being the Z.D method of healing. Both gave Carla the confidence to open up to the world about her experience and has led Carla to becoming a coach, however, Carla soon learned that her sensitivity to Energy went much deeper than any of the mentioned. This is when she decided to create Positive-Energy-Works, as a way to bring her intimate knowledge, experience and passion for Energy, to others, not only to improve health, but consequently the overall wellbeing of each individual.

It was during her training as a Corporate Leadership Coach, that Carla stumbled across her powerful ability to help overweight individuals lose weight, and with the amazing results and testimonials received, she decided to follow this path predominantly and decided to call it Weight-Loss-Works whilst keeping it under the same company. By using her unique gifts, she is able to bridge the gap between the inner self and the outer energy fields.
What differentiates Carla from a standard Coach is this ability to take it 2 steps further; by scanning both the inner and outer Energy fields for irregularities, quickly raising the client’s awareness towards it and successfully helping them to repair it.
Following her “3 STEP PROCESS” – A State of the Art process developed by Carla, not only helps people shift personal blocks but also targets irregularities on the external energetic boundaries, in other words, the unseen.
With a combination of self-taught knowledge, incredible experiences, powerful intuition, and extreme sensitivity, coupled with her professional training, Carla is able to deliver highly successful, dramatic, and ultimately life changing results.

Coaching with me

I take coaching to another level. I don't just coach, as an extremely intuitive Energy worker, I help clients repair their energy fields to produce highly successful weight loss results.


8 x 30minute phone sessions per month - 3 month package


4 x 30minute phone sessions per month - 3 month package

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Accredited Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Energy Leadership Master (ELI-MP)
  • BscEcon
  • IPEC
  • Degree in Economics and Social Studies ( University of Wales )
  • Bio Energy Healer

Fee description

Fees: from $800 USD to $1400 USD

The prices listed are per month on a 3 month Weight Loss Coaching program


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