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Carly sokhela Sokhela

Positive/coaching Psychologist  
Co. Cork , Ireland

I am a qualified Coaching Psychologist and Counselling Therapist. 

About me

I am a qualified Coaching Psychologist and Counselling Therapist. I am registered with  the following Professional Bodies and Associations. I am registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) M474998, Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) M10299, International Coaching Federation (ICF) M0094534791, Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners (ASCHP) M896. A member of Society for Coaching and Counselling, Political Psychology and Woman Psychology in PSI and BPS.

Coaching with me


My mission is to help people to discover their life purpose, identify and achieve their personal goals. As a Positive Psychologist my job is to give you the professional support in building a happier, satisfying and a more successful life. I use a variety of proven psychological methods to develop my patient’s/clent's strengths. With Therapeutic interventions and Coaching seesions I do not focus on patient’s /client's illnesses, but I focus on the ways in which my patients and clients can lead lives which fulfill their intended life-purposes.

My aim is not only to improve the individuals I serve, but is also to improve their entire communities. I also put  incredible emphasis on strengthening individuals by improving family bonds.


As a positive psychologists I use a variety of proven psychological methods like CBC and Acceptant Coaching Style and many more to develop my patient’s/clent's strengths. 

With Therapeutic interventions and Coaching seesions I do not focus on patient’s /client's illnesses, but I focus on the ways in which my patients and clients can lead lives which fulfill their intended life-purposes.


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  1. We offer one on one coaching and coaunslling sessions which can last for 45 minutes to an 1 hour. This type of contract can go as long as needed by the client up to a  period of 3 month


All our services are offered on line 

Short courses or group coaching

Group Counselling/coaching

This service is for the groups who wants to learn more about themselves and their interpersonal relationship.In this type of therapy or coaching all members have time to express their own problems,ideas,goals and feelings and be honest as possible. All members have opportunity to learn about themselves and their own issues and the values of helping other group members 

We offer group therapy and coaching on the following :


Feelings of isolation, depression, trauma, 

bereavement of families/friends 

Life styles issues with traditional culture,

Family conflicts management

Finding solutions for dealing with difficult people and situations

Sorting through difficult decisions

Experiencing greater fulfillment and success


Aligning leadership teams

Shifting the corporate culture

Communications improvement in teams

Fears of conflict and emotional reactions in oneself and others in team

Strengthening relationships at work and home

Articulating desires and visions, both personally and professionally

Managing stress and well-being to maximize energy

Leading through changes in the organization and in the world

Inspiring greater team performance

Aligning leadership teams

Shifting the corporate culture

Increasing employee engagement throughout the organisation

Identifying development paths, both preparing for and succeeding in new roles

Ongoing training

Medium/Small Business programme Coaching ( 4 series one hour each )

This service is suitable for : Business owners, managers of SME's, Professionals in private practice ( business planning, HR issues, Marketing, team building, etc)

As a business owner/Manager this programme is designed to help you to archive your own personal goals and your business targets as well as your dreams.
Provide you with the emotional and logistic aspect of running your own business.  

Don't hesitate to  book yourself 30 minutes free introduction session for more in this programme 
4 hours 45 minutes 250,00 € (EUR

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certificate in HIV/AIDS Care and Counselling
  • Certificate in Lay Counselling
  • Psychology (Health Sciences and Social Services)
  • (Hons) Counselling Psychology
  • M.Sc. Positive Psychology and Coaching
  • Therapist specialising in Trauma, Anxiety and Depression
  • Woman empowerment
  • Leadership development

Through difficult life events that I have gone through, I have learnt that every life situation that one goes through is not permanent. I have also learnt that through our life experiences we can gain much wisdom and knowledge to assist us to accomplish our dreams.

For the number of  years of coaching and counselling  I had an opportunity of working with people coming from various backgrounds such as corporate back ground, leadership background, teams and individuals.Through all  this I  have gained vast amount of experiece which has enable me to make an increadable impact in the lives of people.

Fee description

Fees: from €150 EUR to €3000 EUR

All our clients pay us upfrant and the service is delivered 


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