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Caroline Geraci

JD., M.Ed., CPC ICF Credentialed 
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Life Coach|Entrepreneur Coach|Creativity Coach: Helping You Emerge into Your Potential

FEES from $200 USD to $7500 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I coach because I believe fundamentally that each human being should be able to make the most of the amazing gift of life that they have been given. 

I work with two types of clients:

  • The first is creative, courageous individuals who are done living an ordinary, boxed-in life, and are ready for more. I help you tap into your own inner wisdom to find your unique purpose, adjust your mindset to be configured for success, and figure out how to achieve exactly what you want in life and business. 

  • One of my superpowers is seeing more in you then you can see in yourself and pulling out your specific strands of brilliance. We weave them together with your passion and purpose, and your life becomes a beautiful tapestry of fulfilled potential  as you evolve into the very best version of yourself. What you'd once only dreamed of become your reality.

  • The second is visionary small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs who need help igniting their out-of-the-box thinking so they can break through their current limits and create something truly extraordinary. Whether your business is still a pipe dream or a well-established operation, I guide you in fully implementing your vision. 

  • The result of our work together is that you develop the skills, techniques and mindset to generate fresh ideas and implement novel solutions, and become a ninja at breaking through conventional boundaries, solving complex problems with ingenuity, and driving innovation. Your business not only flourishes, but becomes a true reflection of your original thoughts and actions.

Are you ready to stop settling? To seize the possibility of this moment and spring free the dream that has been lingering within you? To finally step into your vast potential?

Let's talk.  We can explore where you're coming from and what you desire, and what it would like if we decided to work together. I'll help you determine whether I am the right coach to get you where you need to go.


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About Intentional Abundance Coaching:

Intentional Abundance Coaching transforms lives and businesses through evidence-based, positive psychology-grounded coaching. Our specialty is empowering budding entrepreneurs and other motivated individuals to ignite their creativity and use out-of-the-box thought strategies to break through plateaus and achieve their visions, resulting in exponential growth. 


Can't wait to meet you!


P.S. With front line experience as a corporate attorney, serial entrepreneur, and marketing consultant, as well as on multiple nonprofit boards, I've “walked the walk” of bringing my own personal vision to fruition—again and again as my life has evolved. I hold myself to the highest professional and personal coaching standards and am certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is the leading global organization of coaches and which, as a group, sets the gold standard for coaching.





I offer various 1:1 coaching arrangements.


I offer various online coaching arrangements.

Fee description

Fees: from $200 USD to $7500 USD

I offer a monthly retainer-based coaching service, coaching packages and a la carte 90 minute intensive deep dives. For those unable to afford my services, I maintain Soul Seeds, a grant-based growth-accelorator.


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