lifecoach $250 USD Carroll Minihan Carroll Minihan I work with women seeking to achieve a purposeful life, successful career and healthy relationships.
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Carroll Minihan

Master Certified Professional Coach 
Acton, Maine, United States
I work with women seeking to achieve a purposeful life, successful career and healthy relationships.
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About me

With a background in corporate Human Resources leadership in various Fortune 500 companies from biomedical to consumer goods and finance to retail, Carroll has over a decade of experience coaching individuals at all levels of an organization to excel in their careers, develop authentic leadership skills, successfully navigate career transitions and improve personal effectiveness. In addition to being a certified facilitator for Development Dimensions International (DDI), Carroll has independently developed and facilitated numerous training events for frontline employees, mid-management and c-suite executives on topics such as change management, building high-performing teams, leading with empathy, building and maintaining trust, and performance management among others. Carroll exemplifies servant leadership and maintains a steady focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I). Her passion for DE&I is influenced by her experience in Up With People's WorldSmart Leadership Program in which she traveled with over 50 fellow students from 20 different countries throughout 3 continents completing impactful community service projects in 19 cities in North America, Japan and Europe. She was fully immersed in the culture of each location and developed a deep appreciation for DE&I that carries through her life as a coach. Carroll holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mental Health and Human Services and employs a person-centered approach with each client. As a Master Certified Professional Coach (MCPC), Carroll is adept at asking powerful questions to guide clients toward their individual goals. Clients value her honest and constructive reflections that guide them to reach deeper awareness of the ways their actions, thought patterns, or limiting beliefs may be restricting their personal or professional success.

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Fees: from $100 USD to $250 USD


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