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Chavon Green

Certified Life Coach 
Queen Creek, Arizona, United States
I am a leading expert in the field of self enlightenment coaching and healing.
Spiritual coach Self-Enlightenment,Conscious Coach

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About me

Chavon is a leading expert in the field of self enlightenment coaching and healing. After becoming a mother, losing her mother at an early age, and not having a father present, Chavon experienced suffering, tragedies, difficulties, and inadequate relationships. These life challenges led her on a journey to self-enlightenment and in 2013 Chavon founded A D.I.V.A. Within Life Coaching and started coaching women inspiring emotional healing and freedom by reflecting within. In addition Chavon is the author of the E-book Stay F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) and Open Your Heart and Let Love In, a home study course. In 2015 After coaching for two years Chavon continued her extensive studies of self awareness, spirituality and the conscious mind. She went on to become certified through Master Force Life Coaching (MFC) as a coach specializing in Self-Enlightenment and emotional healing. Chavon is devoted to inspiring and empowering others to reflect within to overcome mental suffering, illnesses, and emotional stagnation and cultivate and maintain a conscious lifestyle that leads to mental clarity, balance, inner strength and a profound awakening of your true authentic self.

Coaching with me

As your coach I will provide you with specific techniques, strategies, and practices that will make it possible for you to maintain the level of Consciousness and change that you want to see in your life now

As long as you are operating outside of yourself, you forget the reality of who you are and get trapped in the physical world mistaking this habitual daily functioning for who you really are, and settling for your life as it is being its best, yet you are not fulfilled.

What you’re looking for in external things and relationships is “YOU” & nothing external will define who you truly are.

Coaching with me you will discover the one thing has you in a funk and keeping you from being the best version of you.

Experience ____?

 Mental clarity
 Happiness
 Balance
 Increased energy
 Weight loss
 Inner strength
 Guidance
 Peace
 Consciousness and
 Self Discovery

Take control of your life and start living the life you love!

My unique coaching methods start within and work outwards reflecting your inner desires.

By starting within you change the inner voice that speaks to you, telling you that your life isn’t all that bad, but it isn’t the life you want.

I will create awareness and clarity in your life and guide you to cultivating a strong, powerful, and unbreakable relationship with yourself, You will discover and accept who you really are, what you want in life and get the confidence you need to go create it.

My clients are important to me and I work very hard to ensure their complete satisfaction. My service standards are among the highest in the industry because I listen to and acknowledge the individual needs of my clients.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

There are qualified amazing coaches on my team that provide one on one coaching online via phone however private Coaching with myself is an exceptional profound experience.
Book a private in person one on one coaching session where you will discover just what it is that is holding you back from living the life you love!

In this powerful session you will release what is no longer serving you (we will do this physically and mentally), clear emotional blocks that are stagnating your growth, and provide a detailed personal blueprint specific to your needs to jump start your journey to Enlightenment.

Please schedule a 30 min reflection call to get started!

*Packages are available*

Our Self-Enlightenment coaching will transform your life!

A certified reflection within coach will provide you with specific techniques, strategies, and practices that will make it possible for you to maintain the level of transformation, and change that you want to see in your life now

All coaching is done online, through our coaching system (if you are not a technical person no worries our system is simplified and user friendly)

*Packages are available*

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certificate of Life Coaching
  • spirituality
  • Self awareness
  • consciousness
I am Chavon Green I am 100% me, always my genuine, authentic self. I am going to start by saying my life isn’t perfect, but I am perfectly happy living life!

I was born and raised in the suburbs of, IL; I am a mother of three amazing boys who inspire me to be the best me.

I lost my mother at an early age and my father was not in my life, this resulted in a lot of pain. Not just the grief of my loss, but inflicting pain on my body by not eating right or exercising, putting myself through pain financially by over spending and creating a bunch of unnecessary debt, getting into and staying in painful relationships even when I knew they weren’t beneficial to me at the time.
These are some of my experiences, which at a time in my life only served to confirm my programmed personality to survive the only way I was programmed to do so

Most people live by the saying “experience is the best teacher”, not necessarily or “Life is the best teacher” if you open up to it.

My true learning occurred when I looked beyond my personality and discovered AWARENESS of my experiences that were causing suffering, tragedies, financial difficulties, and inadequate relationships.

Discovering this awareness of my experiences has given me the wisdom that enables me to coach and inspire growth in you.

My goal is to help you awaken to consciousness, and tap into your true authentic self.

When you tap into your true authentic self you start to use your mind to create the reality that you desire. You overcome the fear of the unknown that is holding you back and keeping your from being truly happy!

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $5000 USD

Fee structure varies depending on coach, product, package and service chosen. Custom packages are available and pricing will be discussed during consultation.


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