lifecoach $597 USD Chelsealya "Cookie" Payne Chelsealya "Cookie" Payne Certified coach, focused on helping to set and achieve goals through understanding your purpose.
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Chelsealya "Cookie" Payne

Austell, Georgia, United States
Certified coach, focused on helping to set and achieve goals through understanding your purpose.

FEES from $197 USD to $597 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Chelsealya, by God's purpose and design, is an encourager. In understanding and fulfilling her purpose, she has chosen to help women of faith on their personal and professional paths to success. Her training includes coaching, mentoring and leadership courses from several training programs and organizations, as well as receiving her dual certifications from The CASE Institute in Women's Inner Purpose and Power Coaching and Christian Life Coaching.

Chelsealya is the implementer of the PurposeMagnet Coaching program that helps women to find and attract their God-given purpose.

Coaching with me

Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship/partnership between coach and client to get you moving confidently in the direction that you desire to be. Coaching addresses your present and future with a targeted goal in sight (which may be determined along the coaching journey). Coaching is very action oriented, and takes the combined teamwork of the coach and client – and results vary from client to client, but always requires dedicated time.

Whether it is via one-on-one sessions or group sessions/workshops, the goal is to go from the starting blocks of Destiny to courageously run the race of Purpose – but don’t worry, the race is fixed…you WIN!


Scheduled, one hour one-on-one conference calls to build a firm foundation for women who want to target and meet their goals by strategically designing an attainable plan that is specific to the individual client. The focus will be to help the client to tap into the powerful resources that are within to create a PurposeMagnet!
Scheduled, online one-on-one or group sessions which includes actionable plan/course of action, motivating content, resources and marketing strategies. The client will be equipped with resources and knowledge that will perfect their role as a confident PurposeMagnet.
Short courses or group coaching
Scheduled, topic specific sessions. These sessions can be 2, 4 or 6 weeks, one on one or group and can be offered face to face or online. The sessions are based upon specific areas of interest that the client(s) want to improve, enhance, develop or master.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Christian Life Coach
  • Certified Women's Inner Power and Purpose Coach

Fee description

Fees: from $197 USD to $597 USD

Fees vary and can be discussed on a case by case basis.


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