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Chesna Alexander

Transformational Coach, IAPC 
Cape Town, Province of the Western Cape, South Africa
I listen to your unsaid words to get to the under-lying issue and take you from dreamer to achiever.

About me

I am a positive (or as some would say...optimistic) coach who is passionate about improving the lives of people who has no-one that believes in them or their dreams.

My service is based on knowledge acquired in theory but also includes personal experience in various fields at all levels. I am service driven and not money driven, allowing me to provide a holistic service at an affordable price. Clients receive guidance and are shown that there is a better way of life.

I do not only help solve clients’ current problems but teach them methods they can apply to future problems as well.

Coaching with me

I help clients build the confidence they need to achieve any goal they set out.

Areas of coaching include:

Personal development - self improvement to realise and live your purpose

Starting a new business - From concept to first day of operation

Career development - How to build a portfolio of evidence to prove you have what it takes to get that promotion

Relationship building - Improving communication with others and building self confidence
My coaching style incorporates bringing body, mind and soul into alignment. There is no point in setting up action plans if you are not mentally or emotionally ready for change.

Coaching will sometimes include improving personal and family relationships in order to gain support from them to make the journey of transformation easier.

I believe in coaching from a place of knowledge but always keeping in mind that the client is not just another project. My clients become long term acquaintances and some times even friends.


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Personal Coaching

This service explores the challenges to having a work/life balance and creating action plans to overcome those challenges. When creating an action plan we consider factors such as stress, long working hours, living within your means, burnout, multiple roles (parent, spouse, employee, home-maker), etc. The first step in helping our clients is to identify what is causing the imbalance in their lives. We help get our clients back on track and regain a healthy balance between work, family and personal lives. This service assists clients to do what they need to do and find the time to do what they want to do. It helps clients to cope with everything they need and want to do by establishing what work is productive and what work is simply things they do to procrastinate.

Relationship Coaching - This service is broken up into different sectors

Coaching for couples- couples seeking a more harmonious co-existence and to discover where the relationship is heading.

Coaching for singles - people use our services to improve their social skills in order to meet the right companion. Most clients want a successful relationship, but they are not sure how. We are there to coach them through the maze called love.

Coaching for break-ups - Unfortunately not all relationships last, therefore, this service extends to coach clients through the break-up process. We assist in parting amicably and starting a fresh after the break-up. We do not offer legal advice or counselling. We help clients work out an action plan to move forward

Coaching for families - Some parents’ need help building/improving their relationship with their children as raising children bring about many unique challenges in today’s world.

Coaching Social skills – We assist clients with improving social skills and self –confidence. This service helps clients become more comfortable in large gatherings and develop their public speaking skills

Financial Coaching

This service provides regular sessions with clients in order to coach performance improvements to meet goals mutually set by the coach and client. Coaching is differentiated from financial advisors in that coaches are not “experts,” but instead they provide encouragement and monitoring. Our coaching is well suited to asset building programs because clients often need encouragement and support to adhere to positive financial behaviours. We provide a much-needed boost to self-control along with the flexibility to change strategies as the client’s financial situation changes.

We focus on
•on-going behaviour change.
•improving long-term financial behaviour
•facilitating clients to set and achieve financial goals largely on their own
•helping clients practice new behaviours and monitor those behaviours over time
•target clients with a minimum level of financial skills and experience

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Sales and Marketing
  • The Naked Manager
  • Situational Leadership
  • International Association of Professional Coaching
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Business Management
  • Industrial Relations (level 1 & 2)
  • The goal achiever (Bob Proctor)
  • Small Business training
I have worked in many industries and in various levels (from front line staff to senior management post to owning a couple of businesses) all while also being a partner and mom. I am grateful for all my experiences as it enhanced my coaching skills and has a huge positive impact on my business.

Coaching and my previous work environment has brought many people across my path which are now all part of my network and adds to my coaching experience. It also afforded me the opportunity to work with many different personalities which makes me versatile to work with anyone.

16 years of coaching and still enjoying every aspect of it. Making achievers out of dreamers is my purpose in life and I will be honoured to add you to my network of friends

Fee description

Fees: from $15 USD to $200 USD

•Membership fees - $15 (USD) per month
â—¦flash coaching session (15 minutes) via email only once a week.

One to One fees - $50 (USD) per session
â—¦It gives you access to one 60 minute session via Skype or Email

Achiever Coaching fees - $200 (USD) per month
â—¦It gives you access to sessions via Skype and Email. Session time will be between 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Skype and Email sessions will be alternated every week.


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