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Christina Erve

Grief to Gratitude Certified Coach 
Arlington, Texas, United States
Let me help you transform the pain associated with grief to finding your purpose.
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About me

My name is Christina Erve and I am a certified grief coach.  In 2022, after 12 years of marriage, I became a widow at age 42.  My late husband was diagnosed with COVID-19 after suffering a debilitating stroke. He had a condition called Locked-In Syndrome, leaving him paralyzed, unable to speak, and relying on a ventilator and feeding tube. He was hospitalized for three months before passing away. At the time, it felt as if my life had ended as well.  The vision I had for our life, our family, our goals, and our dreams, faded more and more as each day passed.

Although I continued to raise our two minor children, worked as a veteran educator, and managed our home and financial affairs, I was stuck.  I was just going through the motions of following through with my responsibilities, plastering a smile on my face, and stuffing my emotions so as not to burden those closest to me. I also happen to be an only child and had lost my mother to complications from diabetes 15 years prior. My father was diagnosed with dementia in 2020 and I became a caregiver for him. In 2023, he became ill with an abdominal abscess, rapidly deteriorating, passing three months later, one year after losing my husband. I was so overcome by grief, loneliness, and feelings of abandonment and isolation, that I soon realized I needed help. I began therapy as well as enrolled in the From Grief to Gratitude Coaching Program.

Through this process, I have discovered my calling for guiding and supporting others, walking alongside them on their grief journeys, whether it is the loss of a loved one, divorce, or relationship. Let me be a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on as together we work to help you understand your emotions, accept your loss, change your mindset, and develop coping strategies. Let's find meaning and purpose as you move forward in your life.

Coaching with me


After a devastating loss, you may experience a multitude of emotions and mental anguish, feeling as if you are riding a rollercoaster with no end in sight. Grief is an ongoing healing journey. One in which you learn to accept and move forward with as your "new normal."

Together we will determine where you are currently in your life and determine what it is you're looking to achieve, and through our time together, fill in the gaps. I hope to help you change your mindset and attitude, opening yourself to looking for the positive even during challenging moments, shifting your perspective, learning coping strategies, and essentially your outlook on life.


I like to first develop a rapport to establish trust with my clients and discuss our expectations about working together. We will identify your immediate and long-term goals and generate ideas for how and when they will be achieved, creating manageable action steps. We will reflect on past experiences and trauma through various activities and guided discussions, and how I can best support you, celebrating your victories along the way.



1:1 Private Coaching via Zoom, FaceTime or Google Meet

1:1 Private Coaching In-Person

Short courses or group coaching

Small Group Coaching for Families, Support Groups or Organizations (up to 10 clients/session)

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Texas Certifed Teacher for 20+ years
  • Masters of Education
  • B.A. Broadcast Journalism
  • From Grief to Gratitude Certified Coach

Pairing my experiences with grief and loss with my educational background, I believe gives me a unique coaching style.

As an educator for the past 21 years, particularly as a reading specialist and instructional coach, along with strong communication skills, I have successfully aided students and teachers alike in identifying opportunities for growth, as well as setting and meeting their educational and instructional goals. 

After the passing of my husband and both parents, my passion for helping others has taken me down an unexpected path, but one I truly believe is my calling.

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $50 USD

New Client 30 Minute Session - Free

30 Minute Session - $25

60 Minute Session - $50

Group Session - $50


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