lifecoach $97 USD Christina R. Ferguson Christina R. Ferguson I am dedicated to walking with you through the wilderness of infidelity and divorce.
Coach Christina R. Ferguson
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Christina R. Ferguson

Infidelity and Divorce Coach 
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
I am dedicated to walking with you through the wilderness of infidelity and divorce.
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About me

I am a Certified Professional Coach that specializes in coaching individuals through the pain of infidelity and divorce. I too have lived through this unique pain and that is why I have dedicated my life to helping others. As your coach my promise to you is that you can and will move beyond infidelity and divorce and I want to help you create a life anew, a life beyond infidelity and divorce.

Coaching with me

I coach my clients through the pain of infidelity and divorce in a safe space. The goal is to move my clients from a place of hurt, confusion, and brokenness to a place of self -discovery, awareness, and a life of fulfillment. I challenge each of my clients to reflect and ponder the question, "What will my legacy be outside of infidelity and divorce?"
My coaching style is gentle yet results driven. I am a non-judgmental ear that is dedicated to holding your hand as you walk through the wilderness of infidelity and divorce. We will work as a team to develop a plan and as your coach I will hold you accountable as well as support you through the process.


My private coaching sessions are 1 hour and we meet weekly. Generally my private coaching packages are 4 weeks. I consider my private coaching sessions an intimate conversation. We will discuss the matters of the heart and together we will develop of a plan of action towards your beautiful life ahead.
My online coaching sessions are convenient and flexible to your needs. There will be 4 sessions and I will interact with you completely online. Together we will develop a plan and I will check in weekly to see how you are progressing.
Short courses or group coaching
From Grief to Gratitude: Living a Life Anew After Infidelity and Divorce is a 6 week course. This course reveals Christina's 5 step Bounce Back recipe that challenges you to create a legacy after living through the pain of infidelity and divorce.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Founder, Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day
  • Certified Grief Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • M.S. Psychology
I am passionate about coaching my clients through infidelity and divorce. I made a promise that if I ever made it off the floor I would use my story for a greater purpose. I consider infidelity a unique pain that leaves so many to suffer in silence. My mission for my life is to be an agent of change in the world of infidelity. I created a movement called, Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day which is an annual event that brings awareness to the devastating consequences of infidelity.

In the search of trying to find help during my marriage that ultimately led to my divorce it was difficult to find help. Traditional counseling seemed to make matters worst and through out my process of healing I would often say, "if only someone could understand." I was not able to mend my relationship which added another layer of pain. It was difficult for me to cope and find support and now I use it as a catalyst to help others navigate through the wilderness of infidelity and divorce.

Fee description

Fees: to $97 USD

Please request a consultation to learn more about my coaching fees.


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