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Coach Tiko

Faith Strategist & Life Coach 
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Helping women find their purpose and develop FAITH in themselves to follow their dreams!
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About me

F.A.I.T.H. Strategist and Certified Life Coach in Atlanta, Tikoshia M. Davis – affectionately known as Coach Tiko – is a leading expert in empowering women to overcome their fears, find their purpose, and develop the F.A.I.T.H. in themselves to carry out their life’s calling. She believes that everyone has been given a unique purpose, and with faith in themselves they will be successful.

A University of Michigan trained Civil & Environmental Engineer turned Entrepreneur and Coach, Coach Tiko brings her experience of transitioning from both the private & public sectors of the corporate world to creative entrepreneurship. It is through not only her faith in God, but also faith in herself that she was able to withstand various challenges in the pursuit of success and later the pursuit of her purpose.

Coach Tiko’s mission is to support women in finding the roots of their fears and learning the tools necessary to eliminate them for good. She knows first hand the ravaging effects that fear will bring if left unchecked. Coach Tiko is able to see your potential and with compassion guide you to believing it, seeing it, and achieving it.

Coach Tiko is an active mentor and life coach in Atlanta who engineers life transformations daily. When she is not coaching, Coach Tiko regularly provides inspiration to women.

Coaching with me

In the RELEASE Programâ„¢, you will find the support you need to develop, strengthen, and maintain faith in yourself and build your self confidence. In the RELEASE Program â„¢, you will discover the roots of your fears so that you can eliminate them for good. You will also learn tools and strategies to manage the stress and anxiety that comes from stepping out of your comfort zone. You will receive support, mentoring and the accountability you need the most right now. This program will successfully support you in RELEASING your fears and stepping into the life that you desire now!

In the ALIGN Programâ„¢, you will find the personal support and guidance you need while finding your purpose! You will not only know and understand your life purpose, but you will also walk away with a plan on how to get started on your journey to fulfilling your mission. In addition, you will be armed with the tools necessary to successfully eliminate and overcome your fears surrounding your life purpose. Your faith in yourself will be strengthened and your confidence will soar. Ultimately, you will ALIGN yourself with your life purpose and create a fulfilling life that is a true reflection of who you are!

In the FAITH Program™, you will have the support and encouragement you need to stay steadfast in your business. You will learn the tools and systems you need most to assist you in eliminating and overcoming the fears that currently hold you back. You will finally learn how to create the necessary work-life balance needed to take care of you! Your business is a reflection of you—a healthy, balanced owner creates a healthy, balanced business. Finally, you will no longer feel alone.


As a F.A.I.T.H. Strategist, I support women in overcoming their fears, finding their purpose, and developing the F.A.I.T.H. in themselves to carry out their life’s calling. I offer three coaching programs: RELEASE Coaching Program (4-45 min sessions), ALIGN Coaching Program (8-45 min sessions), and FAITH Coaching Program (12-45 min sessions). All sessions are conducted over the phone or by Skype.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • B.S.E. Civil Engineering
  • Certified Life Coach

Fee description

Fees: from $447 USD to $1247 USD

Payment plans are available.


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