lifecoach $150 USD Dana Rogers Dana Rogers I provide supportive and compassionate collaboration to co-design the life you want and deserve!
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Dana Rogers

MA in Professional Counseling, MCLC 
Austin, Texas, United States
I provide supportive and compassionate collaboration to co-design the life you want and deserve!
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OFFERINGS: Online coaching

FEES from $140 USD to $150 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

My goal is simple - to help you learn to see the best version of yourself in the mirror.  We may have some work to do to discover what is blocking you from living to your potential but I can help you get there.  I specialize in working with women, particularly mothers to discover a path to more fulfillment and joy.  With a counseling background, I provide empathy and support to help you set goals, create action plans and feel accountable to watching your life change in a positive direction.  My passion and energy for this work is genuine, as I am a mom who has stumbled, gotten lost and found again anew.  I'd encourage you to give yourself this gift.  Let me help you discover your essence and help create with you a plan to achieve a life that is more fulfilling and purposeful!

Coaching with me


Coaching is a collaborative process, where we identify the changes you'd like to make in order to begin living a life full of purpose and fulfillment.  We can then set goals, learn new tools, and create an action plan.  With my support and empathy, the goal is to help you make measurable progress toward your goals.  My background is in counseling, so along the way I can provide support, guidance, empathy and encouragement to help you see your plans through.  You may be struggling with relationship issues, career frustrations, parenting challenges, marital strife, or maybe even all of the above.  I've been there! I can help you get mentally and emotionally organized so that you can regain your power and confidence.  


My style is compassionate, empathetic, yet action-oriented.  It is important to me that you get value out of our time together.  Success can only come when you are motivated for change.  I will provide support but also hold you accountable and point out your blind spots.  By meeting weekly, my hope is that we will develop trust and there is nothing I love to see more than someone re-invent themselves and start living more fully and more purposefully!  



My typical package includes five sessions, held weekly via Zoom.  Sessions are 1 hour in length.  Once a coaching relationship is established, I offer "tune ups" or touch points on an as-needed basis.  I make myself available between sessions via email.  

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BS in Communications
  • MA in Professional Counseling
  • Master Certified Life Coach
  • Circle Ways - Council Training
  • RULER - Social Emotional Learning Training from Yale University
  • Franklin Covey Organizational Training

My early career was spent working in mental health, selling medications for depression, anxiety, ADHD and schizophrenia.  I worked as a stay-at-home mother for 10 years and then got my MA in counseling.  I have taken two levels of life coach training and am now a Master Certified Life Coach.  I currently work part-time at a private practice coaching parents, kids and working with schools to help teach skills to manage stress, combat anxiety, and discover sensory processing issues.  

Between my jobs and my experience as a busy mom and wife, I have acquired a lot of knowlege and can work with a range of ages on common life challenges.  I value balance and work to help others figure out how to create a life that focuses on the important things.  Sometimes that means getting rid of the things that require our focus but aren't important.  

Fee description

Fees: from $140 USD to $150 USD

If purchasing a 5 session package up front, I will charge $140 per one hour session.  If paying after each session, I charge $150 per session.  


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