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Daniel Arana

Life, Motivation, Business Coach 
Delran, New Jersey, United States

Something I've discovered is how much I have helped people within the last 10 years.

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About me

Take baby steps…
That’s how you have to approach life choices sometimes. With me, I’ve been on a long road of searching where I want to go in my own life. I guess this will be an introduction to who I am since maybe most people visiting this will not know much about me.

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey called Browns Mills. Not so much of a small town these days. It seems to be a local news favorite lately. Anyway, after high school I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career as a hip hop DJ. Yeah, it was fun while it lasted with the struggles too but sometimes you have to live and learn. I enjoyed it for sure though! But from those years in my 20s up to now, being 35 currently, I’ve seemed to go through what seemed to be thousands of ideas of what I wanted to do with my life.

As much as I loved music, I grew apart from it and was searching for other career ventures. My regular job since probably 2007 was always sales. Sales, sales, sales… Except at some point in 07 I was also into stocking shelves at a Target. Didn’t last not a year. Got back into sales. LOL! Even up to this year, 2019, SALES!

I realized something just over a year ago. So much studying on myself and what I’m good at versus what I’ve been doing and what I dont want to do. I realized for the last 10 years, roughly, I’ve been this nice guy that listens to people and helped them through their problems. I’ve let people ask me my opinions and I’d see if they can find an answer. I realized that I’ve been a life coach this whole time. Then I took action, went through a school and earned my certification. Right after, I started a company called #IGotThis Motivations. It’s currently on a stand still while I’m still trying to grow myself. But at the end, I want this company to be something positive people can turn to. I do not have all information yet on what I’m really doing with it. Just follow this blog and you’ll eventually see.

I guess this was actually long story short. I mean, I’m not writing a book… yet. From here, I’ll see how this goes. My goal is to help YOU. I want to be the guy that people like YOU want to hear more from me. Keep in mind, many things I say is most likely my own opinion and not saying you have to follow what I say. I will suggest things and see if anyone tried anything, I may ask to hear results. At the end of the day, the choice IS YOURS…

Daniel Arana

Coaching with me


I help my clients achieve the best option they believe is right for them.


I like to ask questions. Within those questions, I may give some opinions but my main goal is to help my client seek their own answers through their current knowledge or give them tasks/homework.


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These days are very rough. I can coach you either on phone or on Zoom video.

Short courses or group coaching

$125 one-time payment

One session scheduled for one hour.

Ongoing training

$125 a session or $400 a month

This is if you need more than one session or more than one month of coaching. You can tailor this to your needs. If you need a couple of sessions, $125 per session. If you need a couple or more months, $400 flat per month. Or if you need a month and a week, $400 + $125. We can work something out!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Coach Certification

I've been involved in many things in my own life but most importantly, I've helped friends and family find their way to answers, as well as happiness.

Fee description

Fees: from $125 USD to $400 USD

I really enjoy helping others. Sometimes I forget to think about myself but that’s what makes me who I am. I wanted to give a variety of options for potential clients. I know sometimes life can be weird. Sometimes you know or you dont know about your schedule or how available you are. So below I have constructed three plans. Each plan is designed for both someone who needs one session (which I do not recommend) up to someone who needs coaching once a week with constant follow ups between sessions. Now I do not mind, pricing CAN be negotiated but at the same time, keep in mind that I’m helping you and my time can be valuable as well as yours.

NOTE: Before an agreement is written and a paid session is scheduled, we must have an intake appointment. This is a FREE appointment where I ask you questions and you can ask me questions. This determines if life coaching is for you and we’re able to work with each other. Sometimes people get coaching and other professions confused. We are not into psychology or any counseling like that whatsoever.


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