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Debra Brown

Certified Holistic Life Coach, CHLC 
Saint Peters, Missouri, United States
I can help you transform your life in 90 days or less....let me show you how..

About me

I am Debra B. and being a certified Holistic Life Coach I have an unparalleled love and passion for Dreams and Achievement.

Life is filled with discoveries and at one time or another, all of us are starting a new journey be it our careers, a romantic escapade or simply the art of living.

With so many years of coaching and mentoring under my belt I have a firsthand experience and knowledge of all the struggles and hardships that come our way when we are trying to build the lives of our dreams, the lives we truly desire.

My eBooks have recollections of hard times when troubles surrounded me at each and every corner. How I managed to survive all those struggles for the sake of my career and different paths of life could be the perfect solution for you to clear the obstacles in the path between you and your success. But the book to learn of my experiences with hardships and lessons learnt so that you can benefit in your personal life.

Books are a man’s friend, philosopher and guide in both solitude and in times of need. Words of wisdom can be trusted upon regardless of the time in your life or nature of crises. In many ways, books can help you learn things that no man could ever teach you.

These books hold the key answers to all the crucial questions of our lives. There are different phases and events and each of us has unique problems to face. There isn’t one person who can know it all and still yet there isn’t an individual who can empathize with you on every level especially if your situations are drastically different from theirs.

With an extensive personal experience as well as insight into the lives of all the people that I have mentored and watched cope up with their problems, I have narrated every possible solution pertaining to every phase of human life. If you lack worldly experience and need to either avoid or win against the woes of life my coaching is guaranteed to give you the best of examples to protect you from all the possible disasters.

Are you lacking proper guidance? Is there nobody who truly understands what you are going through? There are times in life where we don’t trust ourselves or those close to us to know every solution to every problem. In the face of loneliness, my eBooks and coaching can give ideas, suggestions and solutions that nobody else can.

These eBooks are extracts of real life experiences and they both hold the power and the authority to help you change your life for the better. All the miseries and troubles that I went through aided me in forming a clear vision of making life simple and easy. My main motive towards writing these books was to prevent others from going through the same hard times that I went through and provide them with the elixir of worry-free life.

It is my personal concoction, a life-saving formula and if you follow it step-by-step I guarantee that your life will transform in the best ways possible. You don’t need to rely on anybody’s advice anymore. Grab a copy and equip yourself with the knowledge to find peace and contentment in your life! Or schedule coaching with me...

Coaching with me

I'm Debra B., and I love to help my clients achieve success in their desired areas within their career and life. This can be done through my books, breakthrough sessions and personal 1-on-1 coaching. Anyone I service may connect with me initially when they're feeling stuck in some area of their life and need an extra boost to push through, get clear, and take action on their course. I help to identify barriers that are holding one back and together we come up with solutions to achieving success in that area. I reassure you that you can live the dreams you were meant to live, it just takes a strategy and thought out plan to get you there.
I let the client lead and I act as a support to them and guide them in the direction they want to go based off of the area in which they are in need.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

One-on-One coaching done over the phone for about 45 mins a session.
Coaching done book/worksheet style submitted to me online on a weekly basis where I monitor progress and give pointers and feedback

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Professional Coach Certification with Spencer Institute of Coaching
  • B.A. in Theological Studies
  • 1 year in School of Miracles

Fee description

Fees: from $97 USD to $997 USD

first session is always $97 just to get started....and then price goes up according to the method of coaching as well as the duration chosen.


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