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Dennis Guyvan

Denver, Colorado, United States
Tired of pushing yourself? Let’s regain your energy, productivity and and belief in yourself !
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About me

Tired of constantly pushing yourself? Overwhelmed with daily to-do lists? Anxious? Starting to give up? That is a lot of stress to carry alone. I help overwhelmed professionals achieve their goals while staying balanced, resourceful, and full of energy. Let’s regain your joy, productivity, and belief in yourself.

I am not a stranger to those challenges. For a long time, I considered myself a pretty productive person, not wanting to realize or admit that I was procrastinating a lot in between the productive sprints while my goal was to run a marathon. I was living from burnout to burnout; I’d recover somewhat, then push again. If you are reading this, there is a big chance you are experiencing this right now or from time to time.

I knew that consistency was the key to achievement yet I didn’t know why I couldn’t stay consistent for long or how to flip that around. I thought something was wrong with me.

To feel like I was good enough I was trying to do more and more, yet I couldn’t sustain it. So it was a catch-22, a cycle I could not get out of. What got me into this cycle in the first place is my belief that achievement is all about willpower. I thought it is only about pushing myself. I did not want to accept that I was really exhausted and overwhelmed and that this strategy alone didn’t work.

Pushing yourself at times, especially at the beginning of a new journey, is essential, yet you cannot operate at your full potential by doing only this. Just like many of my clients, at one point in my life, I started to realize that there are more resources inside of me that I can tap into to perform better. Funny enough, this is usually when my clients reach out to me for help.

What I know now is that while willpower is great, it is not the full picture of a high-performance game. While overcoming my personal challenges and then working with my clients for years, I started to nail down some of the concepts and tools to make the process consistent, joyful and empowering. Here are some examples of high-performance concepts, tools, and strategies that make achievement more productive and empowering:

-Tracking your nervous system throughout the day and adjusting challenges based on that

-Paying attention to your neurochemistry, including dopamine activity to have more control over your motivation

-Knowing and meeting all your needs and values so you can feel fulfilled

-Rewarding yourself at the right time

-Knowing the best ways to recharge based on your personality and the types of challenges you had prior



With the knowledge gained from my life experiences, as well as from working with my prior clients, I believe that:

-You are already enough

-You are more powerful than you think you are

-You do have the extra inner resources waiting to be discovered

-You can create the life that you want

-You can enjoy the process on the way to your goals

-You are here to thrive I believe that working together and honoring your values and your nervous system will get you where you want to be.



I can help you to:

-Create better awareness of your nervous system and ways to support it along the way

-Determine your core values; recognize and understand the things that are truly important for you

-Create clarity on where you want to be

-Build a robust action plan to get you there

-Create awareness around your strong points and recognition of your victories

-Create an understanding of your blind spots and find ways to work through them


Cross the river of change, get where you want to be; start your business, change your career, move to a different city, build meaningful relationships, improve your health and/or raise the level of freedom, joy, fulfillment, and meaning in your life. By accomplishing your goals in a consistent and fulfilling way, you will believe in yourself even more. It will reveal a whole new world of possibilities for you, opening the door to things that you have never thought were possible.

Coaching with me


I help unfulfilled young men and women to break through procrastination, increase confidence, and get unstuck to achieve a productive, meaningful, and fulfilling life. My passion is watching my clients transform their lives in sectors like career, entrepreneurship, health, self-growth, relationships, etc.


My coaching style is compassionate, deep, and client-centered. I believe that what holds people back the most is their unresolved internal conflicts. It is when one part of you says YES, and another part of you says NO. I help people to resolve their conflicts, and once those are resolved, there is a lot of energy to create from. So instead of fighting with themselves, people start creating.



50-minute zoom sessions 


50-minute zoom sessions 

Experience, Certifications and Training


I am a certified performance coach with 4 years of experience. 


The International Coach Federation - Associate Certified Coach (ACC) 
Co-Active Training Institute - Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) 


Co-Active Training Institute - Core Curriculum 
Co-Active Training Institute - Certification 
Robbins-Madanes Coach Training 
Natural Highs Academy- Natural Highs course 
Internal Family Systems - intensive course
Brainspotting -  seminar

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Fees: from $79 USD to $99 USD


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