lifecoach $1500 USD Doug Ward Doug Ward I help clients unlock peak performance in business,sports, and creative works.
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Doug Ward

Hypnotherapist, Performance Coach 
Jemison, Alabama, United States
I help clients unlock peak performance in business,sports, and creative works.
OFFERINGS: Online coaching

FEES from $100 USD to $1500 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Meet Doug Ward, a seasoned hypnotherapist, meditation and mindfulness teacher, relationship coach, and law of attraction specialist. With a passion for unlocking human potential, Doug is dedicated to guiding clients through profound transformations in the realms of relationships, sports, and business performance, as well as breaking through creative blocks in music and writing.


Hypnotherapist: using the power of the mind to help clients overcome obstacles, enhance performance, and achieve their goals.

Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher: As a mindfulness practitioner, Doug empowers individuals to cultivate presence, manage stress, and tap into a deeper sense of clarity and well-being.

Relationship Coach: Guiding clients through the complexities of relationships, fostering communication, connection, and personal growth.

Law of Attraction Specialist: With a deep understanding of the law of attraction, Doug assists clients in aligning their thoughts and energies with their desired outcomes, creating a path to success.

Doug Ward is more than a practitioner; he's a compassionate guide on your journey to self-discovery and transformation. Explore the possibilities, break through barriers, and step into a life of fulfillment and success under Doug's expert guidance.



I combine Yogic science, meditation, and hypnotherapy to help clients unlock their full potential. Sometimes that involves healing and building a stable foundation for building the life you want. It takes work but those willing to follow my plan will open up incredible new opportunities.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $1500 USD

Online  sessions - $100 per session, I suggest two a month for most people with a weekly check-in by phone or email

 A complete transformation course built for your individual needs is available. $1500  That includes:

60 days of weekly sessions

A life design plan session

A detailed online course built for your life and your challenges

As much support as needed



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