lifecoach $ USD Dr. Cristina Dominguez Dr. Cristina Dominguez Dr. Cristina Dominguez offers expert mental health coaching for holistic growth.
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Dr. Cristina Dominguez

Bronx , New York, United States
Dr. Cristina Dominguez offers expert mental health coaching for holistic growth.

About me

Dr. Cristina Dominguez specializes in expert mental health coaching, designed to foster personal and professional development. With a focus on performance coaching and burnout recovery services, Dr. Dominguez empowers clients to achieve their fullest potential while maintaining psychological well-being. Her unique approach integrates strategies aimed at improving interpersonal relationships, thereby enhancing overall life satisfaction and performance. By combining evidence-based techniques with compassionate support, Dr. Dominguez helps individuals navigate life's challenges and career transitions with confidence and resilience. Whether you're seeking to improve your mental health, boost your career, or enrich your personal relationships, Dr. Cristina Dominguez provides the guidance and tools necessary for lasting change. Find out more about Dr. Cristina Dominguez’s performance and career coaching services on the website.


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