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Dr. Michelle Wang

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) 
San Francisco, California, United States
Doctorate in clinical psychology specializing in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) coaching.

About me

Michelle is an EQ coach based in San Francisco. She holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and has been trained in a variety of clinical settings including medical centers, VA (Veterans Affairs) hospitals, community clinics, inpatient care facilities, and non-profit agencies treating survivors of torture and genocide. For 10 years, Michelle worked in the field of clinical psychology specializing in anxiety, depression and PTSD. In 2013, Michelle was a clinical consultant for a non-profit disaster relief team to help with developing a somatic, body-centered intervention to mitigate the effects of post-traumatic stress in school-age children in the immediate period following a natural disaster.

In late 2015, Michelle ventured outside of the psychotherapy realm to establish her role as an EQ coach. This was conceived out of a tremendous demand for psychological skills to be accessible to a wider audience, not only to those who can afford or need traditional psychotherapy. Rather, for everyone who identifies as relatively high functioning individuals who need a nudge here and there to get through this tremendously challenging thing called life.

Coaching with me

> Wellness 2.0

EQ Coaching is a hybrid of traditional psychotherapy and conventional life coaching.

​Rather than having intellectual and theoretical dialogues (traditional psychotherapy) or mechanically enforcing behavioral changes without a deeper understanding of said behaviors (conventional life coaching), EQ Coaching involves gaining a deep understanding of your emotional landscape, what makes you tick, where you find yourself stuck, and then if needed, going out into the community to practice in real time with real people, with my expert guidance.

> What is EQ?

Your emotional quotient, more commonly known as your emotional intelligence, is your capacity to recognize your own emotional states (self-awareness), others' emotional states (empathy), where some unwanted emotions come from (historical wounds), and how to regulate them as needed (self-management).

It is not any fault of your own if you feel you have lower than ideal EQ. Rarely do we get taught by our parents, teachers, or communities how to navigate our emotions or even identify what they are. Even more rarely are we taught what to do with our unwanted emotions so we do the best we can and make up coping strategies as we go along.

I believe that better emotional health leads to better relationships with ourselves and others.

> Psychotherapy is not for everyone

While I am a strong advocate for psychotherapy, it is frequently very expensive, and many feel they don't actually need formal psychotherapy. Many people I speak to believe on the whole their lives are relatively put together and rather than crisis management, they are merely seeking regular nudges from a caring and objective person.

> Life coaching is rampant

​Life coaching can be worrisome at times due to the fact that anyone can take the liberty to self-appoint the title, "life coach" regardless of experience, merit, or credentials.

Life coaches don't always have the necessary training to navigate delicate psychological terrains. We stay in miserable careers and draining relationships not because we lack common sense but rather, what keeps us stuck are deeply-seated beliefs we have developed about ourselves and our place in the world, with its roots in childhood. Having insight into our emotional landscapes can help us navigate life with a bit more ease.

> Experiential excursions: real data in real time

​Let's say you feel dating has been a bit of a disappointment.

After we have explored some of your deeply seated beliefs about yourself, your place in the world, past relationship history and identified core interpersonal patterns, it will be time for you interact with the world in real time.
I might take you to a speed dating event where I'll be able to see first-hand how you do in romantic encounters. If I feel more data is needed, I might suggest a more organic form of meeting people and take you to a local coffee shop or bar to observe how you interact with the world.

> Rich data combined with rich analysis

These "experiential excursions" will provide incredibly valuable data; data that cannot possibly be obtained through traditional psychotherapy nor analyzed with as much depth and richness as with life coaching.

​Think of it this way: psychotherapists often don't have access to real world data and life coaches often don't have the expertise to analyze it. ​
Many prefer to share deeply intimate insecurities in an office setting while for many others, sharing feels more organic while taking a quiet stroll around a lake or grabbing a midday coffee. Clients have the option to choose.
Have you ever asked yourself:

> What's wrong with me?
> Why does everyone else seem to have their lives together
and I keep failing?
> Why is it so hard for me to get a date and/or hold onto
> How can I run my own race rather than constantly
compare myself to others?
> Why do I continue to make poor choices?
> Why am I constantly dissatisfied?
> Why is it easier to take care of others and neglect myself?
> Is there more to life?
> What happens when I still love but am no longer
attracted to my partner?

After almost 10 years of working with clients, it has become strikingly apparent that we are all in the same boat: life.
Even without mortgages, break ups, illnesses, and lay offs, life is hard. I had a client once tell me that we all deserve a round of applause just for getting out of bed because sometimes, even that can be an overwhelming task.

What I love about this work is knowing we can all feel a bit less isolated, a bit less alone, a bit less routine, and come to the stunning realization that with the right resources and people around us, we can always find the strength to stitch the pieces back together.


One-on-one sessions available.
I conduct coaching via FaceTime or Zoom.
Short courses or group coaching
I provide coaching services for groups, organizations, including corporate teams.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Doctor of Psychology
  • Masters of Clinical Psychology
  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Asian American Studies
  • Veterans Affairs Medical Centers
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with Sue Johnson
  • Mindfulness Based Therapies

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $160 USD

Please contact me at michellewangpsyd [at] gmail [dot] com for custom quotes, fees, and packages.


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