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Dr. Tasha Seiter, MS, PhD

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Relationship specialist and coach using science-backed and compassionate approaches. Let's connect!

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About me

I am a well-known relationship specialist and coach, and have been featured in various media outlets as a writer and/or expert, including Forbes, Bustle, Popsugar, Healthline, and Sirius XM's Doctor Radio. In relationship communication coaching, I take empirically validated forms of couples therapy (including Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and Sex Therapy) and boil them down to concrete tools and solutions to help you learn to communicate in effective and healthy ways. You will learn tools to communicate in ways that bring you closer rather than further apart. With your new tools, you and your partner can grow in your love for years to come as your relationship gets better and better over time as you become an expert in empirically-validated communication techniques.

Coaching with me


Patterns in relationships can keep partners unheard, frustrated, exhausted, and alone. It might be frequent fights, or conflict that escalates, or a desire for a deeper connection. I help couples with presentations ranging from moving past affairs and high conflict to premarital checkups. Together we can get to a clearer level of understanding and break out of your pattern. In nourishing a relationship, we build a safe haven of comfort and joy which gives the strength to face life challenges. This powerful force, called love, is the most important thing in this life.


You can expect kindness, compassion, warmth, and genuineness from me. Coaching with me is a space where you will be accepted- not judged. There is a healing power to exploring your experience in a space where you experience curiosity about your experience, being fully listened to, and unconditional positive regard. I am enthusiastic about our work and passionate about your growth; I will bring an enthusiastic and active energy into our sessions as we move you toward your goals. 



Relationship coaching can help you:

Learn to communicate in ways that research tells us increase happiness in relationships-
Develop tools to sustain emotional intimacy and closeness-
Gain insight into your deeper relationship feelings and needs as well as those of your partner-
Express yourself in a way that helps you get your needs met, and gain an understanding of how to respond to your partner’s needs in more effective ways-
Use conflict and personal differences as opportunities to grow your relationship rather than damage it-
Work through the effects of stressors on the relationship (e.g., life transitions, work or family stress)-
Improve trust in your relationship and heal from breaches of trust (what we call “attachment injuries”)-
Create daily and weekly rituals and routines that will help you sustain a strong bond over time and create a feeling of shared meaning-
Learn things you never knew about your partner and ways to connect emotionally, even with the business of life-
Grow in your ability to express fondness, admiration, and appreciation toward your partner-
Work through sexual problems to enhance your sexual intimacy- Reach your unique relationship goals


All coaching services are offered online to individuals and couples across the world.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • PhD, Applied Human Development
  • MS, Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Advanced Trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Before becoming a therapist and coach, it was my lifelong dream, rooted in an aspiration to make a difference in others’ lives and an avid interest in psychology and relationships. I see this life as my true calling. In addition to being a therapist and coach, I enjoy teaching courses, guest lecturing, and conducting research at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. I also love to stay involved in the community, and I am the founder of the Fort Collins Emotionally Focused Therapy Community. Another interest of mine is writing; I am a writer for Psychology Today and I have been featured in various media outlets as a writer and/or expert, including Forbes, Bustle, Popsugar, Healthline, and Sirius XM's Doctor Radio. If you’d like more information on my science-backed and compassionate approach to couples, individual, and family therapy, you can learn more by reaching out to me. I would love to chat!

Fee description

Fees: from $110 USD to $130 USD

Fees are based on length of the session, which we will work collaboratively to determine, or you can choose your own session length.


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