lifecoach $350 USD Dr. TuRon Davis Dr. TuRon Davis Take the first step to embracing your new journey unto building a better you!
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Dr. TuRon Davis

Certified Life Coach, ThD, BTh 
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Take the first step to embracing your new journey unto building a better you!
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OFFERINGS: Online coaching

FEES from $80 USD to $350 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor specializing in accountability, focused action, goal achievement, stress management, and grief consolation. I have an extensive background in the field of theology and spiritual studies. I work one-on-one with individuals looking to take action in spiritual, personal, and professional endeavors.

Through coaching support you will discover answers, find solutions, and create possibilities to move forward with pursuing your goals. I am passionate about uplifting others and building self-esteem. You can achieve a more fulfilling life and the time is now!

Coaching with me


I thrive to help my clients overcome fears, life stressors, low self-esteem, and an array of personal and relational issues. The most powerful strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn't. I will assist in defeating obstacles that impedes your progress spirituallly, mentally, and physically.


The techniques I use consist of educational learning blended with consulting based on my own personal knowlegde, experiences, and issues I've overcome. My mentoring, consulting, and coaching style is semi-unorthodox because I combine research, theological aspects, and teaching along with a combination of different therapy methods.



The session process is conducted one-on-one remotley using the Telemedicine platform. Depending on your personal preferenses, I also offer services via email and or over the phone whenever necessary. I'm also open to text messaging in between sessions as well as email to answer any questions or address any concerns. 

A invintation link will be send to you along with all consent forms vis email..


Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Theology Christian Counseling (BTh)
  • Ordained Minister
  • Diploma in Psychology
  • Diploma in Mental Health
  • Doctor of Theology (ThD)
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Time Management (ExpertRating)
  • Spiritual Counseling (Seminary)
  • Emotional Intelligence (ExpertRating)
  • Cognitive Behaviors (Alison)

As a Kansas City, Missouri native, I've always had a passion for helping others improve and overcome obstacles in their lives. I have a lengthy history in customer service in the field of Opticianry. This requires me to sit face to face with patients and serve them by assisting with the best suited products to help correct their vision and meet their optical needs. This helps make coaching and mentoring come so natural to me. Over the years I've been known as the friend to often give moral support and sound advice. After prevailing over my own past troubles and personal battles with life issues, I became inspired to help others defeat and overcome some of the same struggles I endured. My experience with constant spiritual and significant connections with complete strangers made it apparent that helping people grow and prosper is what God put on my heart. When people would randomly open up to me with their inner most secrets, health problems, personal issues, and difficult circumstances, this confirmed my purpose and calling to ministry, coaching, and mentoring. 

Fee description

Fees: from $80 USD to $350 USD

All payments are self pay. I accept all major credit/debit cards from invoices processed through simple practice or PayPal. In additon, a superbill can be issued in itemized form to submit an insurance claim to your helathcare provider for reimbursment. 

$80.00 for private sessions conducted for a duration of 45 mins-1 hr. 

$350.00 package investment for the following

1-2 month package weekley or bi-weekley consist of


*4 x 45-minute one-on-one sessions 

*Email and chat support between coaching sessions. 

*Assessment interview

*Short-term goal setting


$100.00 per session for personal continued education with lessons and training to become a coach, writer, etc. Just ask for what lessons are available and what you're seeking.




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