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Drew Burks

Turing Ideas Into Profits 
San Diego, California, United States
I dwell in a space of possibility! I am an Entrepreneur! I hate jobs!
Business coach Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Online Strategy, Strategic Business Development

FEES from $1000 USD to $10000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I show businesses how to discover and collect hidden profits in their business. I love marketing automation. I enjoy developing systems & processes that allow businesses and entrepreneur's to have more time & money freedom in their life. I turn ideas into profits!

Coaching with me

in short - I help my clients generate new income streams and grow existing incomes. I show them how to transition from working "in" their business to "on" their business and the significance of this transition is they gain more TIME & MONEY FREEDOM in their life
I am results oriented & focused! More often than not I am more committed to the clients project than they are. Results are all that matter.


most of my consulting is done 1-to-1 with clients and is typically based on a specific project. time is never a consideration or topic of negotiation. I focus on the desired results and time is what it is to achieve the results
while I do meet face to face with many clients, online screen share meetings are an everyday tool. I prefer to use GoToMeeting or Skype for online meetings
Short courses or group coaching
occasionally I will do short 6-12 week group courses, each typically has a weekly module and homework
Ongoing training
my consulting is typically broken up into 3 phases:

1) Project Assessment / Evaluation & Strategy
2) Implementation
3) Ongoing Consulting, Coaching and Support .. this phase operates a lot like a "retainer style agreement" whereby the client has access to me for a specific amount of time each month BUT is only available to someone who has worked with me through phases 1 & 2

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Graduated Tony Robbins Mastery University
  • Graduated Landmark Education
After 12 years as a successful Real Estate Broker in San Diego and being Awarded the Real Estate Broker of the Year in 2008 my wife and I chose to start a family. In 2009 my son was born and I decided I was done working crazy hours and weekends - I began the journey to learn Internet Marketing. Effective 2011 I was focused 100% on Internet Marketing, studying the very top marketers: online marketers, offline marketers and direct response marketers.

I have been earning a full time income since mid 2010 as an Internet Marketer.

In early 2011 businesses began coming to me for help and it didn't take long to see that I have a unique talent for quickly assessing their business and outlining multiple paths to profits "aka. NEW INCOME".

My very first two clients generated more than $100K in new income using the strategies & tactics I outlined for them.

I only share strategies & tactics with my clients that I have proven to work in my own business -there is no guess work!

Most recently I accepted a small group of new clients from all different niches (niches that I had no prior experience in) and helped them all generate substantial new income streams in just a few short weeks ... I did this to prove my systems will work in practically any type of business.

Fee description

Fees: from $1000 USD to $10000 USD

$1,000.00 gets clients a 90 day action plan. this action plan the result of nearly 18 months of consulting clients and covers the most common challenges faced by business owners & entrepreneur's today, it also provides the formula and strategy to overcome them.

$5,000.00 gets clients a 2 day intense strategy session, the deliverable is a comprehensive marketing plan that outlines the best paths to profits for their business. It also includes 60 days support & coaching

$10,000.00 gets clients a full consulting solution and takes place over 6 months


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