lifecoach $150 USD Ebrahim Makram Ebrahim Makram Whenever there is a hope & faith, there is always a way.
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Ebrahim Makram

ICF RelationShip Coach 
Cairo, Muhafazat al Qahirah, Egypt
Whenever there is a hope & faith, there is always a way.
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FEES from $30 USD to $150 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

In 2007, Ebrahim began working as a freelance trainer at Soft and Life Skills, offering in class training, development camps and Experiential Learning activities for universities, NGO’s and schools. He also offers freelance professional training for organizations and corporates.
Since 2009, Ebrahim is a Certified Practitioner of the Time Line Therapy® technique at “Create your Future through Coaching” program. In 2016, Ebrahim was certified under the ICF umbrella as a relationship coach.

Because of his belief in sports, Ebrahim is a founder of Wheelers World Discovery, a cycling community that delivers cycling awareness, and that offers many special programs to enhance self-awareness and to break the limiting beliefs through long rides over 1000KM. Since 2009, Ebrahim has covered more than 40,000KM through a variety of Egyptian and European cities in support of his ideas


We meet, face to face or over the phone.
I'm using Skype and Zoom
Short courses or group coaching
based on customization
Ongoing training
we will agree of a 6monthes or yearly package

Fee description

Fees: from $30 USD to $150 USD

for a one session it will cost 30$/45min
for a package of 6 session it will cost 150$/


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