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Eileen M Richardson

Certified Life Coach 
Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
i am an experienced Life Coach with a passion for helping people especially thru Life Transitions.

About me

I have been a Life Coach for 8 years and feel I was created for this role.

I love assisting others with their life goals,challenging issues,making changes,healing, and successfully navigating transitions.

I thrive and excel in making my clients successful.

I would love to meet you and see if I can meet your needs for Coaching and if we are a fit!

Coaching with me


I assist my clients in achieving happiness, pride,competance and resourcefulness in the specific areas we address in coaching sessions.


I like to have a  respectful ,friendly, humurous and fun approach to my relationships with my clients.




In a session The client and I  discuss the needs of the client. Then we agree to where the focus is to be and how the secondary needs are addressed in the future.

In a session we (the client and I) agree on actions to be taken before the next session . This information will be emailed to the client hours after the session ends.

Emails to update in between sessions are encouraged to reporrt wins or a quick question.

I have one package of 5 sessions as a minimum.

I ask that all 5 sessions are consecutive although Holidays and trips can be arranged and compensated.

After  5 sessions are completed,  individual  sessions or sets of 5 can be added.

My sessions are one hour in length and can be done by phone or Zoom.

The first session would be a free 30 minute session for both myself and the client to see if the relationship is a fit.


I prefer to not do online coaching for text doesnt allow me to hear emotions.

Email communication is fine for reporting wins or a quick question.


Short courses or group coaching

None offered presently

Ongoing training

I continue with ongoing training for we can never know it all and we must be fresh in our ideas.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration
  • Life Coach Certification
  • Make Disciples Training
  • Dr A's Habits of Health
  • The Art of Effective Communication

In my professional Coaching experiences I have coached clients in making the switch from being employed to starting their own successful business. I have also coached single moms to switch from employment to becoming an artist online. I have also successfully coached women on the loss of a family member and the loss of a relationship.As well as coaching men in gaining confidence in themselves and their career.


My life experiences of being a mother of 7 including an adopted son, a business owner,athlete,  wife,writer,bird  and animal lover,Christian,non profit development ,tour guide,traveler, and more has taught me the most about people and their needs and how to assist them to get their needs met.

Fee description

The fee structure is based on the 5 session minimum package of $375.

Sessions can be added at $75 each.


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