lifecoach $129 USD Elena Aliona Shumskaya Elena Aliona Shumskaya Stuck? Need clarity? To move forward? Let's get you un-stuck. It could be easier then you think.
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Elena Aliona Shumskaya

Robbins-Madanes Life Coach Training 
Lincoln Park, New Jersey, United States
Stuck? Need clarity? To move forward? Let's get you un-stuck. It could be easier then you think.
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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

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About me

First of all I'd like to mention that English was not my first language, which does make my writing and speaking style a little unusual at times. I am from the Old World.

I hope my idiosyncratic phrasings and slight European accent would add a bit of a yummy spice and international flavor to our sessions.

My European coaching background has given me many insights and profound teachings that I know will be of great use. It's also known that deep understanding of how various cultural upbringings affect ones perceptions and approaches helps in unraveling limiting believes and road blocks.

That said, I'm glad to state, people are keep telling me my sessions really help and that I need to keep helping people. So happy to hear that! :)

I had a long, challenging and colorful life. I learned a thing or two on my own before I've started taking personal development trainings.

I lived in different countries and was exposed to many cultures. It serves me well in getting different perspectives on things.

For many-many years I took numerous courses and workshops on personal development.That helped me to solidify my experience.

Now I am studying with Robins - Maddens Strategic Intervention Life Coaching Training, the world class program for life coaches. It gives me new incredible tools to help others.

I focus on helping people to create a happier life for them. I really enjoy it.It feels great to see real results and positive changes.

While working with me you will explore your true self and potentials. You'll learn simple and useful practical techniques that you'll be able to utilize throughout your entire life.

I am new on this website. So lets start. The first session is absolutely free. you have nothing to loose, only to gain. The following sessions right now are offered for a nominal fee till I officially graduate from the training.

My current and past clients' references are available upon request.

Look forward meeting you! Feel free to connect, to chat and to see if it's a good match for you. AND there is no charge for the session.

> Simply request a free coaching session with me on this website.< And we will go from there.

Warmes regards and wishes,
Elena Aliona

Coaching with me

I'll help you to have a happier life.

Tell me what is your goals are and I'll help you to get there.

My goal is to help you to get sense of control over your own life, to help you to understand yourself and life better, to get you connected with your own deeper needs and your own creative forces, and to build the life that you really enjoy.
I listen to you.

I can give you my advice, if you want. However I'll help you to find the solutions what are right personally for You, based on you own unique personality, goals and needs.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Sessions (phone sessions) are about 50 minutes each.
First session $0 Free
Single session $129
Package of 5 sessions $499
package of 12 sessions: $699

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Strategic Intervention Life Coach, A. Robbins - C. Maddens Core 100 Training ( WIP), CA
  • The Art Of Connection, SVA, NY
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering, MGSU, RU
  • Sertificates in Applied Arts, SVA , NY
  • Personal Development Studies, S. Lazarev, RU, NY
  • Personal Development Studies, J. Canfield, CA
  • Personal Development Studies, M. Forleo, NY
  • Personal Development Studies, M.Norbekov, RU, NY
Since I was 12 I was interested in understandung and learning how life and thing in life work. For well over two decades I studied it in theory and on practice.

I was born in Europe, lived in many cultures and regions. I had met many people, had very diverse life and work experience.

I'm taking what I've learned and bringing it to you, with intention to help you with you life questions, goals and tasks. I have knowledge and experience to help you with solving life's puzzles.

I am here to for you. So don't hesitate to connect.

Fee description

Fees: from $59 USD to $129 USD

Sessions (phone sessions) are about 50 minutes each.
First session $0 Free
Single session $129
Package of 5 sessions $499
package of 12 sessions: $699


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