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Elysse Newberg founded Spark Midgard LLC in 2019 in hopes of providing support and balance to those facing hibitual change resistance; of the working clsss or lower income communities that have  steady rising mental and phsical illness.

It has become more and more apparent that income bracket or poverty level seems to corilate with poor health conditions. More readily availible processed and refined foods as well as far more GMO-genetically modified foods - are sold in local stores. In Aurora CO the number of farmers markets and organinc eating is scarce. 


Could this be the issue?  would an improvement in the generals awarness of proper nutrition and how to eat in a way that supports rather then depletes this aspect of our daily lives lead to an improvement in overall health and wellness in this and other cities with similar poverty limits? This is what I hope to uncover


By way of holitic and organically grown and kept foods and supporting via life coaching I hope to introduce any willing individuals to a more healthy happy way of living that allows for one to better guide and control their own self towards obtaining their goals and following their dreams towards the life they truely desire.


With a spark of possibility in the minds of those who are suffering, I hope to heal and strengthen the understanding and awarness that can be gained in understanding those who are effected. Wih the research and results I hope to obtain information to be used to reevaluate and reform how the general populations in poverty stricken locations are able to take effect on the citizens that live and are born into this enviorment. To allow them resources of information and support within reach to make more fitting life choices that can result in more successes and overall health and wellbeing.


There are no extra people as well as each and every individaul has their own purpose that can only be met by that individual. from there I also believe no other person outside of ones self knows whats truely best for us besides us. 

 When it comes to change and growth in our personal lives  the most fitting guide is found within ourselves, As a coach I seek to help my clients tune into and recconect with this inner voice or calling to then find their own true purpose. As this is the route of least potential resistance to change, as well as the liklyhood of  long lating change.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • holistic health practitioner mind and body balance
  • life coaching


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